Supplier Profile: ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions

ASSA ABLOY’s vice president, Manit Narang on its latest products

Supplier Profile: ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions
Supplier Profile: ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions

Give us a brief about your brand and its products.

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions leads the security technology industry with a focus on reimagining how people move through their world. As part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, a publicly listed company, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions secures properties worldwide with a comprehensive range of security and technology solutions comprised of VingCard electronic locks, Elsafe in-room safes, integrated software platforms and advanced mobile access solutions. ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions further leads the industry in providing cloud-based access management platforms and location-based solutions such as staff safety alert technology. With a partner network that spans the globe, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions offers customer service and support in more than 166 countries.

Have you introduced any new product ranges recently? If so, please provide details about these new products and why they are important?

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has recently introduced its Vostio Location Solutions platform with Staff Safety functionality. Combining the latest in cloud and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gateway technology, Staff Safety equips each staff member with their own safety alert device and the ability to transmit a distress signal to nearby BLE gateways the moment an emergency or safety risk arises. Via the cloud, the signal is then instantly relayed to response personnel with precise room and floor location details to ensure timely arrival and to prevent any safety issue from escalating further.

Have you expanded the company in new regions or started distributing in new regions recently? If yes, please share details?

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has continued to cover the full Middle East region for many years. This includes providing each area with its own specialized local service support

Which hotels or restaurants have you recently partnered with? Can you share details?

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions was selected by the Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya to achieve the goal of being one of the first hotels in Saudi Arabia to provide guests with mobile access functionality. The property is also among the first participants of a global program by Hyatt Hotels Corporation to implement mobile access technology at all of its locations by 2020. ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions was selected by Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya due to its status as a preferred security access provider for Hyatt Hotels. Rebranding the company’s Mobile Access solution as ‘Mobile Entry,’ the service is available for guests to download on their device as an integrated feature within the “World of Hyatt” mobile app. Guests staying at the property can now bypass having to go to the front desk, and can instead go directly to their guestrooms using their personal device as a secure digital key.   

While the Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya is one example of an ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions implementation, our company continues to work with all global, regional and local chains as well as independent hotels on a regular basis throughout the MEA region.

What is your core business concept and product range?

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions leverages its proven expertise in customer journey mapping, innovation and service design that lead to the development of new solutions which create added value for clients and exceptional experiences for their end users. This concept applies to an array of vertical markets that include hospitality, cruise, senior living and student housing industries, with each market fully catered to with specifically designated industry professionals. The product range on offer to each market includes advanced VingCard door locks such as Essence and Signature RFID, with each using the latest encryption protocols to prevent unauthorized room access. Door locks such as Essence are also designed using a future-proof concept, allowing hoteliers to later introduce new services such as Mobile Access without having to replace any pre-existing hardware. With Mobile Access, hoteliers can provide guests with a secure means of using personal devices as a room key. This is accomplished using ASSA ABLOY’s patented Seos technology, with all digital keys and room number details fully encrypted and transmitted to guest devices using a secure communications channel. Once received, the information is then stored within a digital vault located within the mobile app. When a guest presents the device to the appropriate door lock, Seos again transmits digital key data via a secure channel.

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions further leads the industry in security access management innovation with its Vostio Access Management platform. As a cloud-based hotel guest and staff access management system, Vostio Access Management represents the next step in security technology, with hoteliers able to manage all aspects of their security operations from anywhere and at any time. Vostio Access Management also leverages the cloud to receive regular software updates, ensuring that the platform is always immune from newly identified threats or vulnerabilities and at no additional cost to hoteliers. This ability not only ensures that any new security risk is promptly dealt with, but also allows on-site staff to focus on other areas for a more streamlined and efficient hotel operation. Vostio Access Management also minimizes operational expenses by completely eliminating the need for costly on-site servers and functioning as a fully online solution. The solution further sidesteps time-consuming on-site maintenance, and with the availability of standardized monthly license subscriptions, can reduce costs even further.

Also leveraging the cloud in addition to utilizing gateway technology is Vostio Location Solutions, which as previously described, provides hoteliers with the ability to instantly locate the exact location of a staff member in distress.

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions also offers a wide selection of in-room electronic safes with sophisticated design styles and advanced functionalities that maximize security and convenience for hotel guests. Models include Elsafe Infinity II, Elsafe Sentinel II, Zenith Drawer, Zenith Floor, Zenith In-Wall and Zenith.

Why should the hospitality industry work with you and your products?

In addition to providing the latest advances in security technology that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is also recognized for being able to draw from its expansive and best-in-class global service support network. With operations and strategic partnerships in more than 166 countries, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is able to ensure a seamless implementation process, and can work with hoteliers to guarantee that local legal requirements are always met.

What is the company working on now for the next 12-18 months? 

With Vostio Location Solutions and as a fully scalable platform, hoteliers will be able to incorporate an array of services and functionalities that can benefit from location-based technology. These include tracking the precise location of amenities, such as maid carts, baby cribs, room service trays or AV equipment, in real time. Others include the offsetting of operational costs by autonomously overseeing the performance of motorized systems, such as elevators, HVAC units, escalators and refrigerators. Through the use of AI and BLE sensors, this can provide hoteliers with ample time to identify and correct any maintenance issue before it becomes a greater financial liability or guest-facing concern.

Vostio Location Solutions is also set to be subsequently enhanced to maximize guest satisfaction by identifying a guest’s specific location within the premises or as they arrive. With the simple download of a hotel’s app onto a guest’s device, BLE beacons will be able to determine whether a person is located near a property’s entrance, restaurant, bar or spa, and send promotional messaging relevant to their instant needs. Guest convenience can be further enhanced with a later enhancement that will offer the ability for guests to use BLE beacons as a wayfinding feature, with directions seamlessly transmitted to their device in real time, similar to automobile GPS user experiences, and making any hotel environment seem as familiar to them as home.

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