Have you embraced frozen fries?

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String fries are just one variety of frozen U.S. fry available
String fries are just one variety of frozen U.S. fry available

It’s simple: Premium fries start with premium potatoes.

Producing more than 20 million metric tons of potatoes annually, the United States leads the way when it comes to potatoes of high quality, consistency, and variety. As experts on growing all different types of potatoes, from the iconic russet, best known for chipping and fries, to the distinctive purple, appreciated for taste and eye appeal, the United States continually leads the way on advanced research and innovation.

And if there’s one U.S. invention that is known worldwide, it’s the frozen fry.

Why pick the fry?

Having originated in the country in the 1940s, the United States has set the standard for quality and has long been recognised as the world’s number one processor of frozen fries.

Made with U.S. russet potatoes to ensure they are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, frozen fries are an invaluable asset in any working kitchen, whether as the traditional side order for your customers’ burger, or as a main dish in their own right.

U.S. fries don’t disappoint and are the perfect companion to elevate your menu. The russet’s mild earthy flavour and fluffy texture when baked go well with all kinds of toppings

As you have seen from Burger & Lobster’s incredible lobster cheese fries, there are so many inventive ways to use U.S. frozen fries – the topping doesn’t have to be as premium as lobster - and with 69% of consumers looking for dishes that use potatoes in new and unexpected ways, you can bring in new customers while looking after your bottom line.

The value proposition

The high solid to liquid ratio found in U.S. frozen potatoes (as opposed to those from other countries), translates to being easier to work with in the kitchen and gives you higher final product yields. Their convenient format reduces prep time and trims labour costs; their high solids and low moisture content conserve costly fryer oil; and the same growing conditions that make U.S. frozen potatoes so fluffy and delicious produce potatoes perfectly shaped to yield a high percentage of longer fries - the superior length of U.S. fries translated into more servings per case. More servings per case equals more servings sold, and more servings sold means more money in the cash register.

Customers are picky about their fries, often picking their restaurant based on them having the perfect fry options. Whether it’s curly fries or basket weave cut, offering these premium appearance fries can increase sales by as much as 25%.

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