Supplier Spotlight: Lucid Pay

We speak to Lucid Pay founder Jawad Riachi about how his company’s product offering aims to help hotels hold on to revenues

Jawad Riachi
Jawad Riachi

What are your core products for the hospitality industry?
Being a FinTech company, our core product is based on touch-less / contact-less digital wallets which are set with pre-defined automated rules. We establish a small banking system in a hotel which enforces business processes and workflows to create a seamless pleasant customer experience. Our wallets can be stored
in mobile apps, RFID cards, and/or wristbands and are safe to operate during the pandemic.

What sets your company apart from its competitors?
We are members of OPN (Oracle Partner Network) and our product integrates straight into Opera (PMS) and Simphony (POS). We integrate with turnstile gates and door lock vendors such as (VingCard, Salto... etc). Our product is very simple to learn and operate and requires a minimal investment in terms of hardware.

Have you launched any products that address the current situation?
Yes, besides our contact-less payment module, we have launched two new modules specifi c to the pandemic: Access control module: It allows a hotel to create physical zones for social distancing measures. Guests access these zones through our access control wallet scheduled by the front desk during the check-in time. Extension to our existing pre-paid package module: We provide hotels an e-commerce marketplace where they can publish pre-paid packages, and allow them to create social media campaigns to sell those packages straight to the consumers. This will insure revenues even when the hotel is closed.

How does your service add value to a hotel’s offering?
Being contact-less, hotels can insure safety of their guests and employees. There are no signing of receipts, no cash handling. Add to it social distancing control via zone access and queues' management, you get a hotel that is extremely safe to stay in and operate. Furthermore, we allow hotels to make very complex offerings into their packages which previously where deemed impossible. As a concrete example, a hotel can now offer a package where a guest has daily "All Inclusive" at the pool between 4:00pm and 5:00pm, one access to the spa during her stay, a 30% discount at the Chinese restaurant, one cotton candy ice cream at the kiosk, a bottle of wine at the steak house, and can access the beach three times within specific prescheduled times.

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