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Founder and CEO Mustafa Koita discusses new launches, CSR initiatives and what sets the company apart from its competiton

Mustafa Koita
Mustafa Koita

Tell us about your company?
Founded in 2013, Koita is on a mission to make the cleanest, healthiest, best tasting products easily accessible to everyone. The company was founded on the philosophy of ‘Eat Good, Feel Good, Do Good’ which means that if we eat good, we feel good which in turn makes us do good.

What is your annual turnover?
Over the last four years, the company has grown at an average of 25% each year.

What are your core products for the hospitality industry?
Koita operates in three categories: organic dairy, lactose-free and plantbased. All three of our categories have performed well across our HORECA portfolio including The Four Seasons, Emirates Airlines, JW Marriott Marquis, Le Méridien to name a few. A product that we’ve made specifically with our HORECA customers in mind is our Soy for Coffee Milk. We formulated it especially so that it could froth really well in coffees; it can make 15 luxurious cappuccinos with just 1 litre of milk!

What sets your company apart from its competitors?
We’re a homegrown company started because I could not fi nd quality organic products in the Middle East. My constant underlying motivation behind running Koita and launching new products is that “If it’s not good enough for my kids, it’s not good enough for yours”. And this is why Koita never compromises on quality,
ethics or taste. All our product innovation launches also come from listening intently to our consumers all year round — we only introduce products we know our consumers want. Additionally, we make sure our products are sourced ethically, packaged sustainably and have the best nutritional value. Koita was one of the fi rst companies to incorporate a no straw policy though it required additional capital.

What are your new launches? We have recently launched two new products based on what our customers wanted: Organic Coconut beverage and Lactose Free Whole Fat milk. Our Organic Coconut has gone through the extensive and rigid process of getting its organic certification by the EU. It’s also gluten free and tastes amazing. The Whole Fat Lactose free is an extension of our lactose free product line and we’ve enriched it with vitamins for a boost of nutritional value per cup. And as with all our products, both Coconut
and Lactose Free products are free from hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and artificial preservatives. we will also launch Organic Oat and Almond 200ml packs targeted towards children.

Is your company involved in any sustainability initiatives?
‘Doing good’ is a huge part of what makes us who we are. Our dairy farms have free roaming cows that eat only grass, and are not allowed to be milked more than fi ve minutes per day. We have quarterly audits on the farms including the cows, the grass they eat and fields they graze on, the measures the farmers are taking to take care of the cows. Our plant-based farms follow the best environmentally friendly practices so that we can make sure that all our produce is sourced ethically. Our milk packs are recyclablein addition to having easy screw tops (and avoid use of straws).

How does your service or product add value to a hotel’s offering?
We believe that hotels, like many other retailers are moving towards a more sustainable and organic product portfolio. Koita products have no artificial preservatives, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones. Koita provides an impressive range across 19 products (by the end of the quarter) across lactose free, dairy and plant- based options which are all ethically sourced and have sustainable packaging.

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