Delivery-only will change how F&B venues operate says Winterhalter

The warewashing supplier says venues will look more like production kitchens

An international company, Winterhalter has bases across the Middle East
An international company, Winterhalter has bases across the Middle East

Commercial dishwashing and warewashing supplier Winterhalter has released advice on how F&B venues can adjust operations during a time of delivery-only services. The company has laid out how its products can be adapted to meet shifted business requirements.

According to Winterhalter, F&B venues will start to operate more like production kitchens, with almost no need to wash plates or cutlery, instead washing pots, pans and utensils.

Winterhalter UK marketing manager Paul Crowley said: “Facing uncertain times, restaurants and foodservice operators will need to respond quickly to the changes in the market in order to help protect vulnerable sections of society and their business.”

Winterhalter products can be adjusted to increase the water pressue and length of wash cycle, allowing machines to tackle larger kitchen equipment or equipment with more heavily embedded foodstuffs.

The company also said using re-purposed dish and glass washers to clean pots, pans and utensils, rather than washing them by hand, helps to ensure the results are completely hygienic, as well as freeing up staff for other tasks.

Restaurateurs need chemicals specifically designed for pots and pans, rather than glasses or dishes.  Winterhalter recommended an aluminium safe dishwasher detergent in combination with an open rack, for washing an increasing amount of utensils.  Meanwhile, for sites washing by hand, Winterhalter recommended the use anti-bacterial washing up liquid.   

Crowley added: “It’s very important that dishwashers and glasswashers that are re-purposed for utensils are able to do the job effectively and hygienically.  Hence the wash cycle has to be adjusted, and the right racks and chemicals need to be used.” 

An international company, Winterhalter has bases across the Middle East.

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