Suppliers You Should Know: Sun&Safe

The company's director, Admir Klapija tells us about its new product launch

Sun&Safe was established in 2016 and provides a multipurpose solution for hotels with private pools and beaches around the world
Sun&Safe was established in 2016 and provides a multipurpose solution for hotels with private pools and beaches around the world

Tell us about your company?
Sun&Safe was established in 2016 and provides a multipurpose solution for hotels with private pools and beaches around the world.

With our products, we have combined various qualities in one solution, which can be essential if you wish to differentiate yourself from other hotels and private beaches by giving your guest that little extra.

How many people are employed by your company?
Fifteen employees, based in Denmark, Turkey, Italy, France, Cyprus and the UAE.

What are your core products for the hospitality industry?
Our core product is the Multifunctional Base, which consists of a parasol base with integrated safety boxes operating via a RFID-wristband. The Multifunctional Base is also a coffee table and can be used without inserting a parasol.

An important feature in the Multifunctional Base is our built-in charging dock, where guests can recharge their electronic devices (smartphones, iPad, etc.). The power in the charging dock battery is extended from green energy, using solar cell panels.

To give the hotels and management an extra dimension, Sun&Safe is working on a booking system, which will make it possible to pre-reserve sunbeds or cabanas according to their preferences, and for the hotel to plan ahead of time, and thereby adjust resources so that part of the hotel works more efficient. This will also reduce the number of guests laying out towels early in the morning to reserve places.

What sets your company apart from its competitors?
Sun&Safe is a Danish product with a Scandinavian design. The Multifunctional Base is produced using high-quality materials to ensure durability in different weather conditions. It's also stable and can weigh up to 100kg.

The built-in Safety Box is spacious and can contain items as big as a MacBook or an iPad.

Have you launched any products recently?
We have launched our Multifunctional Base with huge success last autumn and will launch the booking system this year.

Is your company involved in any sustainability initiatives?
Yes – all materials used for the Multifunctional Base can be recycled and there are solar panels that retrieve energy from the sun. 

How does your product add value to a hotel’s offering?
We have local employees around the world and local warehouses. It means that we are close and available for our customers and we can provide support and maintenance immediately. A hotel will experience more relaxed guests who will be able to relax and enjoy their holiday, without the stress of getting up early to place towels, or the stress from leaving valuables unattended to go in the water together with family or friends.

It provides extra service for hotel guests and a possibility for extra income through rental fees.

More business customers might be interested in the hotel’s offering. They need to have their phone or laptop near them at all times. With the SafetyBase, they can work and enjoy their surroundings at the same time, not worrying that someone might steal their belongings.

More families on holiday get interested in hotels and resorts that provide any extra security measures for their families. This creates an additional advantage over the competition and creates an opportunity to attract returning customers.

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