Supplier Q&A: Diversey

We caught up with Diversey VP - Middle East, Africa & Turkey Alp Aksoy who outlined the factors that set the company apart from its competitors, its approach to sustainability and why it’s worth attending The Hotel Show

Alp Aksoy
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Alp Aksoy

How does Diversey serve the hospitality industry?
Diversey can be perceived as a hygiene solutions company but because many things are multifunctional we are moving in that direction as well. From a hotel perspective, Diversey’s columns of service are improving guest experience, by making sure that the guest is in a clean and good-smelling environment. Secondly, there is smart cost management which leads to efficiency and waste management. This involves reducing waste as well as disposing of it once it has been produced. Diversey creates an efficient operation where we manage the utilities to their optimum. Water, energy and labour efficiencies which is extremely important especially in the Middle East where some of these utilities come at a higher cost than other countries. Another column is asset protection. Owners spend millions of dollars on building hotels that will be benchmarks for the rest of the world, yet if they don’t use the right products for them, they will were out too soon. Last but not least is the matter of sustainability. Diversey has been a leader in this field for a long time. The way we understand sustainability is more complex and complete. Today we talk about environmental sustainability and business sustainability. If the corporate world doesn’t sustain, we can’t help the environment. There is also people-focused sustainability and all three have to work together. All of Diversey’s programmes on training, asset management, green chemicals optimum plastic packaging all help our sustainability points of people, planet and profit. The glue that binds of a theses points is quality. All of our customers want to deliver quality to their guests so that they can differentiate themselves in the market.

What sets you apart from your competitors?
We do not really have many competitors from a global sense. However, there are a lot of companies rhat claim they are chemical or detergent suppliers. Some of our customers perceive what we do as selling products. Our products are actually a means of delivering our solution which is a service. If you don’t know how to use a product or where to use it, if you don’t have the people to help you with the training of your staff or to solve a specific problem, if you don’t have the know-how, you’re going to get the result. What Diversey brings to the table is a partner that you can rely on with it’s know-how and when you’re in trouble they’re going to show up to give you the right solution and the same time train your people so that they can find the solution themselves. There is company right now in the world that services kitchen, housekeeping, laundry, floor care, fragrance, water treatment, cleaning machines, accessories, and delivering the training. Diversey acts as a consultant so that you have the best cleaning solutions with the least effort, best environmental profile, happy staff and happy guests.

Are there new innovations that you’re launching at the show this year?
This year we launched a new vacuum cleaner, the Taski Aero. Vacuum cleaners are never exciting but thus might be. This s vacuum cleaner that uses half of the energy that the other competitor brands. This machine is the most silent and robust machine in the world. It gives you the flexibility of cleaning at any time.

What are the benefits of attending The Hotel Show?
Diversey is one of the most innovative companies in the market. The way we do business is more complex. We need to have these moments when we meet with our customers and have the opportunity to showcase our innovations with Internet of Things and using cloud as monitoring and reporting systems.
Getting the suppliers together with the customer presents a valuable opportunity to take things forward. The Hotel show this year is not a crowded event which is heart-breaking for some but what we are seeing is that the quality of the people attending or coming as customers is very satisfying. Some important customers are taking the event very seriously and they are taking the opportunity to get together with the supplier and so it’s definitely worth attending.

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