Supplier Profile: Purecog

Paul Gandy, managing director at Purecog tells us why the hospitality industry is turning to them for a solution to single-use plastics

Paul Gandy
Paul Gandy

Give us a brief about your brand and its products?

Introducing Hydroplast, an environmentally friendly, water soluble alternative to plastic. Hydroplast is made from a smart, water-soluble polymer called Hydropol. Hydropol starts its life as Ethylene, which can be petro- derived or biomass-derived. Next, Ethylene is converted into the PVA, Polyvinyl Alcohol, which makes up Hydropol.
We then take Hydropol pellets and using conventional plastic manufacturing processes, produce Hydroplast plastic films. These films can then be converted into a whole host of water soluble, single-use Hydroplast items such as bags, aprons, gloves, stretch wrap and much more, with a wide range of unique properties and applications.
Below 63C, whether in water or landfill, Hydroplast takes an absolute maximum of 1 year to fully break down. At 63C and above, Hydroplast breaks down immediately into its original and natural state of Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen. It is in fact so clean that when dissolved in water, it is 100% safe for human consumption.
This leads to such possible applications as in the processing of laundry, where cross-contamination and unnecessary waste can be avoided by collecting soiled items in a Hydroplast bag, and throwing the whole bag directly into a laundry machine.

Have you introduced any new product ranges recently? If so, please provide details about these new products and why they are important?

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We continually work with our clients to research and develop new and better solutions to suit specific needs. Hydroplast is an incredibly dynamic material and we are far from finding the limits of its capability.

Have you expanded the company in new regions or started distributing in new regions recently?

Our primary focus is on solving the issues that single-use plastics create within the UAE first, before moving on to other regions.

Which hotels or restaurants have you recently partnered with?

Purecog is partnered with a number of hospitality, events, medical and waste management brands throughout the United Arab Emirates, each of which firmly share our vision and purpose.

What is your core business concept and product range?

The first and only 100% sustainable & commercially viable alternative to single-use plastic, coupled with sustainability auditing services to help businesses positively impact their triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.

Why should the hospitality industry work with you and your products?

Well, conventional plastic is not biodegradable, meaning they will only ever breakdown into smaller and smaller pieces, called microplastics. These microplastics can be toxic and can easily end up in our food! Hydroplast products on the other hand are:
1. Water soluble
2. Biodegradable
3. Compostable
4. Recyclable
5. Sustainable
6. Marine safe
Despite being 2.5x stronger than conventional plastic, Hydroplast products cause ZERO damage at the end of their life.

What is the company working on now for the next 12-18 months?

We continually work with our clients to research and develop new and better solutions to suit specific needs. Hydroplast is an incredibly dynamic material and we are far from finding the limits of its capability. In addition to this and as testament to our purpose, we are working with a variety of entities to create fun, engaging and educational sustainability focussed community events, such as beach, desert and mountain clean ups… with a twist!

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