Coronavirus Diaries: Basil Yassin, co-founder of Kad Che

From choosing sneakers to keeping sustainable, a day in the life

Basil Yassin
Basil Yassin

We catch up Kad Che co-founder Basil Yassin about his daily routine.

8:00am: Wake up and first thing I do is make my espresso shot. This is a must-do ritual, can’t start my day without it.
I take an hour to relax, plan my day, check out my emails, and sort out urgent matters.

9:00am: I try to work out in the morning as trying to lose weight is my forever challenge. I love food too much, ironic from a healthy restaurant owner!

10am: Then my second biggest challenge starts, trying to pick a pair of sneakers. I’m a collector and you know for people like us you just never have enough.

10:30am: My day finally can start, it sounds late but that’s how I’m the most productive. I sit with the team and discuss different ideas and brainstorm on new creations for our kitchen. As our menu is only made out of fresh organic products, sometimes we like to add special dishes. We also want to make sure we are as sustainable as possible so we do our research on what sustainable trends are happening around the world.

11:30am: I recently got into a new project that I’m currently trying to develop. Can’t say much for now but it’s about helping other people kick start new creative and unique F&B ventures.

1:00pm: I grab my favorite Kad Che dish while working on creating content for our social media and communicating ideas my team and I discussed in the morning.

3:00pm: As the lunch time rush starts to slow down, I’m free to do whatever is needed depending on the day. Sometimes it can be seating with my accountant or partner but it can also be helping with the deliveries across Dubai as I like to be involved in every aspect of my business.

6:00pm: I like to grab a quick acai bowl and start helping with the dinner rush hour.
Not to brag, but our acai bowl is really the best and I can say it with all confidence as we worked really hard on it.

7:00pm: I head to our delivery branch in JLT to oversee the operations and logistics of the day.
As we deliver to Marina, JLT, JBR etc dinner time is our busiest time, I like to make sure all the operations are going smoothly.

9-10:00pm: my day starts late but it also finishes late. I finally head home as I’ve been in and out of the kitchen all day, I like to order from my fellow home-grown restaurateurs to make sure I am supporting the community.

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