Coronavirus Diaries: Tania Lodi of Tania's Teahouse

The café owner reveals her daily routine during COVID-19

Tania Lodi outside her Jumeirah Beach Road café
Tania Lodi outside her Jumeirah Beach Road café

We speak to Tania's Teahouse owner Tania Lodi about her daily routine.

9:00am - My routine is shifted to a bit later these days, as I’m usually up till late working on emails, answering inquiries on social media, and getting things done. (I’m handling four email accounts, so instead of waking up to a mountain of work, I’d rather get through as much as I can before sleeping and wake up to a…hill). I usually drink a steaming cuppa of milk oolong or pecan rooibos tea, put my hair in a messy bun, and get ready to get things done.

9:30am - I work through my emails, daily task sheet, and get situated with our orders for the day, checking product stock, checking our staff roster for the day, and simultaneously down an acai bowl smoothie, or cut up fruit.

10:30am - Get to TTH, touch base with my managers, see how our operations are going, any promotions we’re running, stock, etc.

12:00pm - Have a cuppa, monitor orders, our customer experience, see what things are moving, and what things to push for the rest of the day, scroll through our Instagram

1:00pm - I have a catch-up with our management team around midday where we discuss any internal issues, or things to work on. We also monitor things such as wastage, number of orders, and other things which are really high-focus categories during corona, where our costs really matter.

3:00pm - Dedicate at least an hour to reading up about trends in F&B, add things to my secret pinterest board for future ideas.

5:00pm - Take an hour out to engage in yoga, meditation, or personal training (I need one hour of me-time to function as an entrepreneur whose mind is always buzzing with work).

6:00pm - I start planning for what to promote the next day, checking on any feedback/concerns/updates that happened throughout the day, check the roster to make sure our team is stable for the next day, and yes- you guessed it, have another cup of tea

8:00pm- I put on my favourite music, dance around the kitchen and make dinner, put on our latest binge-watching show on Netflix

9:00pm - I like to finish up my emails below I sleep- rather than waking up to a mountain of work, I’d rather wake up to a hill. Because we’ve had to downsize our team due to COVID-19, theres quite a bit to do, and I have to wear multiple hats to keep TTH afloat. (We’re in survival mode!)

12:00pm - When I’ve reached my brains capacity in work, I like reading for a bit before managing to doze off- there’s nothing more satisfying than reading a book and escaping your reality and entering another!

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