Coronavirus Diaries: Aneesh Antony, general manager at Publique

Mixing drinks and skipping naps in daily quarantine life

Aneesh Antony
Aneesh Antony

7am: Waking up to the first light and company of my dear wifey & pooches is an everyday blessing. We both grab a cup of green tea out on the balcony and take a moment to appreciate the beautiful sunrise while our pooches love to sun bathe.

8am: We like to exercise and usually walking the dog was a routine however these days it’s playing fetch with them and make space for light stretching indoors. By this time, we are super hungry and it is time for breakfast. English or South Indian we really enjoy this meal. We like to discuss our plan for the day while checking & responding to mails and messages.

10am: During this quarantine phase, utilizing time at home productively has been very important to us. Like what T. D. Jakes said “The world is a university and everyone in it is a teacher. Make sure when you wake up in the morning, you go to school.” I am all about skill share & learning on YouTube. Upgrading my professional skills whether its creative or management gives me a lot of positive vibes in the morning.

12.30pm: Who said dogs can’t speak? Our pooches have their way of reminding us they are ready for lunch. My wife usually handles breakfast and I do the lunch. It’s nothing fancy, routine is rice, curry and some sort of stir fry. We love pickles on the side too – fish/lemon both are our favorites while our dogs love their rice mixed with veggies & chicken delight.

2pm: We have decided to skip the afternoon naps since it’s not possible during regular working days. Instead, we indulge in watching TV or learning to play an instrument – I’m currently learning to play the violin and each session reminds me how terrible I am at it. But hey, learning doesn’t stop.

5pm: This is time for coffee & chats with loved ones. We Zoom with our distant family and friends catching up on what’s happening in the news and what everyone’s heard. If it’s not too crowded outside we take our dogs for a walk or play with them. Oh boy, they are super active if not taken for a walk. And once we are done with them, we do our bit of cleaning the house and hit the shower.

8pm: My love for mixology doesn’t stop me from experimenting new aperitif cocktails which are infused with homemade liquors.

10:30pm: We have dinner watching some kind of mindless TV where we don’t have to think too much.

11:30pm: Whenever we can fall asleep, we fall asleep. I look at funny clips online if I’m feeling too nervous. I just try to stay calm and really stay positive and know we’re going to get through this. These next few weeks are pretty intense so we've just got to focus on one day on at a time.

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