Comment: Catering to the post COVID-19 landscape

Samujana director of sales Karen Slocombe discusses how the pandemic will lead to a shift in priorities

Karen Slocombe
Karen Slocombe

As people have had time to reflect and look inwards, priorities will have changed and this will impact the tourism industry. Of course we have been bombarded with information ever since the news of the virus broke out and we have also been forced to sit with ourselves for a while.

We were unable to do what we wanted to do, when we wanted to do it. We became less concerned with what material items we have and more than ever, the realisation that friends, family and health are the most important things in this world. We have been able to see that what we do affects the environment and I believe that 'responsible tourism' will become more of a priority. Health, wellness and nature have also become important topics to us so I am sure we will see a growth in these areas. At Samujana Wellness is a big part of what we do and we have expanded our services more and more in recent years from fitness retreats combining Yoga and Muay Thai boxing and wellness programs that include juicing, detoxing and full health assessments, there’s potential to grow this to meet new demands.

I also believe that people will use their travel time to spend with a group of their friends or extended family so luxury villas will be more appealing so that the family can all be together in their own space and avoid crowds and public areas which of course presents other problems during recent events such as the spread of disease and infection. I’m certainly considering the next time I can see my family and thinking about where we can go on the much longed for holiday.

About the author
Karen Slocombe is the director of sales at Samujana, a property offering 5-star luxury villas with resort facilities, mainly targeting the high end luxury leisure market in Asia, Middle East and Europe. Having worked across Thailand for many years, Slocombe has previous experience at Iniala Beach House plus The Landmark Hotel in London. With a B.Sc. in Tourism Management from the University of Plymouth, she has more than 17 years of experience in the hospitality market, specialising in marketing, business development and sales.

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