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Jeremy Vercoe on how hospitality professionals need to use this time wisely

Jeremy Vercoe
Jeremy Vercoe

It’s not new news that the world is currently in the midst of a pandemic which has cast an unprecedented level of uncertainly across the world. In addition to the obvious health threat, people’s livelihoods are also at stake, and the hospitality industry is certainly no exception, with hospitality and tourism employees being amongst the most significantly affected.

Around the world, the hospitality industry is being systematically shut down. In the UAE, while we’ve witnessed hotels and restaurants close in line with government directives, many outlets remain open for delivery services; which is a blessing when compared to similar establishments around the world.

But with limited guests, if any, in hotels, and in-venue dining now restricted, what does that mean for the hospitality industry? Realistically, this is just the beginning, there’s a long road ahead, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re staring down a dark tunnel with no light at the end. This is a time for the strongest and most agile members of the hospitality industry to really shine, with uncertainty opening the door to opportunity, progress and change.

For those who may be on reduced hours, or unable to work at all, here are some tips to make the most of your extra time, to upskill, diversify your experience, or gain further industry knowledge – giving you an edge for an accelerated career in hospitality at the other end of this period.

Upskill and diversify your expertise
If you have more free time now, it’s a great opportunity to upskill yourself by finding an online course in an area you’re interested in. There are plenty of skills which are transferable across a variety of hospitality and guest relations positions, which you may find useful with existing or future positions Diversify your expertise by finding an online course to self-educate, as the more you know, the more opportunity you create for yourself when regular life and work resumes.

Seek advice or mentorship from a colleague of industry professional you admire
Just as you may find yourself with more free time, it’s likely that industry professionals whose careers you follow or admire might too. Reach out to them on social media and ask if they’re available for you to ask them questions, or if they’re willing to mentor you. Not only will you benefit immensely from a personal and professional standpoint, but this also aids in expanding your industry network – an invaluable asset for your future.

Whilst the coming months hold a high level of uncertainly, this is absolutely not the end for the hospitality industry. Its resurgence at the other end will be mighty, and the industry needs talented, proactive and passionate individuals to lead the charge. Take this temporary pause, and the opportunities it presents, to put yourself at the front of the pack. Upskill yourself and continue to network and learn, and this might just be an unexpected springboard into an accelerated career.

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Jeremy Vercoe is manager EMEA at, a leading online hospitality recruitment portal

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