Five Minutes With: CEO, Vii Dubai, Conrad Dubai

Satish Sanpal reveals what drew him to hospitality and the challenge of meeting expectations in a competitive market

Satish Sanpal
Dhes Handumon
Satish Sanpal

We catch up with Satish Sanpal, the CEO and Owner of Vii Dubai at Dubai's Conrad Hotel.

Please tell us about your background and your professional journey. 
I'm originally from Jabalpul in India. My main focus is around trading, having a club is just one of my hobbies. 

What drew you towards the hospitality industry? 
It was one of the goals on my list that I wanted to achieve. I believe in law of attraction. If you really want something, set your goals and go for it. 

What are some challenges that you faced? 
One of the main challenges for us was to meet peoples' expectations. It's a competitve market and clubs close and open every year. Nowadays it's very hard to impress the public, so bringing a big artist or using the best materials still isn't enough. We need to really work hard to create the best experience for our clients. 

How does Vii Dubai stand out from its competitors? 
Vii it’s a successful venue for four years. The venue is cherished by our regular guests. As for our competitive edge, I would say the location. We are located on Sheikh Zayed Road in the Conrad hotel. The second part is that we have three different facilities on one floor that give our customers flexibility to move around. 

Do you plan on expanding to other countries in the region? 
We will definitely open more venues around the world but first, we'll renovate our existing venue. 

Can you name a few of your milestone achievements? 
The main achievement is to bring this venue to another level. My main concern is to provide opportunities and help people. I want to give them jobs and see how they grow with the brand. I believe the way you treat your employees will have a massive impact on your business. 

What are your goals for the next five years?
We will work towards better experience with a luxurious, customised offering. And there's more to come, watch this space.

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