New recruit: Dora Hrkač

Cluster marketing & communications manager, Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort and Spa and Hilton Garden Inn, Ras Al Khaimah talks to us about her journey into hospitality and why she has the ideal set of skills for her new role

Dora Hrkač
Dora Hrkač

What inspired you to get into hospitality? - It was all about Conrad’s dream: 'To accomplish big things I am convinced you must first dream big dreams.' I admire his life philosophy and hospitality approach, and from my standpoint and my expertise, I am able to identify with Hilton’s mission and vision. 

How has your previous work experience inspired you to get to where you are? - I fell in love with hotel management and travel industry in general, while working as a PR & marketing manager for Atlas - the biggest Destination Management Company in Croatia and the region with more than 95 years of experience. Being part of this leading DMC for the last seven years was a fulfilling experience, which now can be of a great contribution to the development of Hilton’s vision for RAK.

What are the key skills you possess that make you well-suited to this role? - Aside from the right qualifications and working experience, I am extremely passionate, outspoken, with high social capital and an adaptable personality. Always in a search of space for improvement, exploration, motivation, pursuit, high communication skills, creativity and thinking outside the box are my framework for success. As an ambitious professional with marketing, PR and sales experience, I believe that I will make an excellent addition to Hilton’s team.

How do other markets compare to your current role? - The Croatian market where I come from is very small. However, 70% of my core business was concentrated on sales in foreign markets and guests coming mostly from Germany, UK, Scandinavia, France and the USA. These markets are huge, and so was the budget for launching campaigns that had to spread the word about “the small country for a great vacation”. By the end of the day, it all comes around the budget and ROI. 

What are some of the challenges you foresee, and the opportunities you see crop up from them? - I am ready for a greater challenge and the next step in my professional career. I would like to excel in this dynamic environment, suitable with my dynamic persona, and explore opportunities in one of the most recognised names in the industry – Hilton. It is synonymous with hospitality across the globe, authentic hospitality and commitment to the global community. I welcome the  enormous opportunities and the challenges as well.

What have been your most significant accomplishments so far? - Contributions to my former marketing manager & PR role, and this field at-large, revolve around my PR and multi-channel marketing talents. I have developed strong communication abilities and fostered a reputation as a key contributor through innovation and delegation skills. As a team player, I am collaborative with peers, searching for ways to integrate valuable insights. Through these qualities, I have confidence in my ability to facilitate positive change and collective effort. But in the end, I let my accomplishments speak for themselves.

Name three of your favourite aspects of your new hotel. - It would definitely put our personnel in first place. The people really know how to make the difference and their service is exceptional. This is also one of the reasons I am more than delighted to be part of this amazing crew.

Restaurants - Al Maeda, Puravida, Piaceri Da Gustare and Sol Bar. These amazing cuisines will wake up your taste buds like never before, especially now that we are also pleased to announce the appointment of two new chefs – Brian Rodriguez and Jose Maria Pereira who are preparing the new menus which I personally can’t wait to try.

Recreation team & SPA - Having them by my side, at least I don’t have to worry about gaining weight. After all the festivities we are facing during December, I am sure the guests would like to enjoy our January detox experience.  

Are you planning to introduce any new initiatives as part of your new position? - Identifying improved approaches and enhanced solutions to business challenges are activities that drive and inspire me. I believe that fresh perspectives and trying new techniques help businesses evolve and grow. I will defi nitely focus on our key areas of business, involving myself from another angle, and regarding the new initiatives I am still working on our marketing strategy for 2020 for both properties – Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort and Spa and Hilton Garden Inn. So stay tuned, there is a lot more to come, it’s a promise!

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