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The barriers created by hotel politics

Secret Concierge
Secret Concierge

I started my journey away from home more than 10 years ago. My first job was with a big hotel chain. I moved around departments a lot and, after a while, steered away to a different direction. A year ago, I was offered a role within a hotel, and I decided to come back to the industry. There are definitely things that I have missed about working with a big team and some that were not my favourite ones, but this time around I got to learn more about both aspects.

I’m referring to “hotel politics”. I, of course, have heard of it and understand the strategy. I guess you can’t escape the politics at work, but in my personal opinion way too much time and effort is spent on “hotel politics” and figuring out relationships, and colleagues’ likes and dislikes. In my opinion everyone should have one goal in the hotel and do their best to achieve it, but at times I feel that a lot of people in the industry are here for different reasons. In my perfect work world there would be less politics and more creativity and new initiatives. 

Another point that I wanted to share my opinion on and maybe spark a conversation about, is the “hotelier mindset”. Being away from the hospitality industry for a while and working with smaller stand-alone companies made me forget that it’s an actual thing. Coming back from a free mind set world where everything and anything is possible, to a hotel where bureaucracy unfortunately leads the way and whenever a good idea is thrown out there, there are way too  many reasons that it can’t be executed. If you try to execute it, you’ll be stopped by hotel politics.

But not everything is so dark. Things are changing with technology and a new generation of hoteliers. I’m sure in the very near future some of the long standing rules of hospitality will dissolve and we will find ways of being more flexible.  I’m sure other industries have even more issues than a hospitality world. One thing I know for sure is that my passion is to create memories and smiles for others, and the hospitality industry is all about that.

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