New recruit: Blanc Canvas

Bleu Blanc at Renaissance Downtown has welcomed Murry Lane as its new head chef. The Brit talks to us about his past experience and what to expect from his tenure

Murry Lane
Murry Lane

What inspired you to get into the hospitality industry?

My biggest inspiration with regards to cooking would have to be my grandmother. Growing up, she was always in the kitchen, cooking up some of the best food I have ever had. My fondest memories growing up would have to be picking the vegetables from our backyard garden and cooking alongside nanny June. It gave me an appreciation for food, and taught me how to appreciate the produce in its truest form.

How has your previous work experience inspired you to get to where you are today?

The most inspirational experience I’ve had in the workplace would have to be during my time spent working beside chef Mark Jarvis. He would always encourage his staff to go the extra mile in terms of creativity with the dishes they created, and to also appreciate the ingredients they worked with.

Given your past experience, would you say it is the most natural progression to be a head chef?

As head chef at Bleu Blanc, I am exactly where I want and need to be right now, fulfilling my passion as a chef. Some day in the future, I do hope to use the experience, knowledge and skills gained here to open my very own restaurant, creating a concept that is entirely mine but one that has hints of all the various places I’ve worked at in the past.

Tell us a bit about the other markets you have worked in and how that compares to your current role?

From beginning my career in London before moving to Dubai, I have worked with a multitude of different personalities and types of people that can, at times, hinder the creative process of a chef.

At Bleu Blanc, I have the good fortune of working alongside an extremely talented and hard-working group of people, always looking to challenge the norms and be as creative as possible.

What are some challenges and opportunities that you foresee in this role?

The festive season is always a challenge for me, especially when you are operating within a new restaurant and a new team. However, the team I am currently working with at Bleu Blanc is definitely a strong, creative and hard-working bunch, so the next few months should be pretty fun.

What would you say are a few of your most significant accomplishments in your career so far?

I have to say that being appointed as head chef of Bleu Blanc, such a well-established and known restaurant, is one of my greatest accomplishments to date. I do, however, believe that there are many more accomplishments to come in the future.

Careers my CV

2018 – 2019

Head chef, Queen Elizabeth 2, Dubai, UAE

2016 – 2018

Private chef

2014 -2015

Sous Chef, Barrel 12, The Palm Dubai, UAE

2014 – 2015

Sous Chef, Atlantis The Palm Dubai, UAE

2013 – 2014

Senior Chef de Partie, Bingham Hotel, Richmond, London

My goals

1. I would like to lead this incredibly hard-working, creative and passionate team into winning as many awards as possible and putting Bleu Blanc on the map as one of the ‘must dine’ places to visit in the city of Dubai.

2. Improving the existing menu, creating good food, with spectacular flavours and presentation, while also welcoming guests to enjoy the cuisine I hold near and dear to my heart.

3. To do the very best I can at Bleu Blanc, creating a lasting reputation in Dubai for clean, consistent good food.

4. I want to push my brilliant team to work to the best of their abilities, help them to progress in their careers and achieve their goals.

5. I want to open and run a number of different restaurants all with their own distinct titles and abilities to win their own achievements. Also, a 1967 Ford Mustang in the driveway wouldn’t be bad either.

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