Five minutes with: Nellie Habibi

Newly introduced to the UAE, the brand has built a reputation on its organic and results-driven skin care line

Nellie Habibi
Nellie Habibi

Earlier this year, skin care expert Nellie Habibi partnered with The Spa, FIVE Palm Jumeirah to offer a range of facials using products from Canadian brand Nelly De Vuyst. 

What are the three things that you would suggest for skin maintenance and protection in this region?

You need to have a very good cream that’s actually going on to work on hydrating the skin from the outside. So, yes you’re drinking water and you’re getting the hydrating nutrients inside, but also exfoliating to remove the dead cells so that the light gets reflected then a good cream can penetrate. Sunscreen is very important. It should have SPF 30 and be mineral based. Just SPF 30 is enough. Anything above 30, is full of chemicals. Exfoliating is also very important because in this region we put a lot of makeup and to be able to remove all the dead cells.

Do Nelly DeVyust products fall under the clean beauty category?

Nelly DeVyst has two lines. We have the classic Nelly DeVyust which are a corrective line and we also have our fully organic line called BioTense. The lab is organic, it is verified twice a year, we are eco-certified COSMOS. Five countries (England, France, Spain, Italy and Germany) came together to ban 15,000 types of ingredients that they put in food and cosmetics. Natural and organic is not the same thing. Natural means that they take natural ingredients that can have pesticides and insecticides in them and they put them in a product. Organic means that the lab is verified, it is eco-certified. It has a verification with the packaging. The packaging is fully recyclable and soluble. Even the ink on the packaging of BioTense is vegetable ink. So everything is organic. The line is also vegan, cruelty free and it’s result-driven. We don’t heat our ingredients. So whatever is active stays active.

Is sustainability something that Nelly DeVyust is concerned with as a brand?

Absolutely, we are very much aware and everything is being manufactured in Canada. We support the farmers and make sure that they use sustainable practices. We also look at how are the employees being treated and if there anything that we give back. The Nelly Classic line is organic luxury because the key ingredients are from farmers but there’s still a science base behind it. In the BioTense, everything is organic.

What do you say if the people think that these products are not results driven?

The products are backed by more than 40 years of research and development. There are key ingredients in the BioTense cream that, when you apply it, there’s a lift that you can see it right away. There’s also a serum that helps evacuate any stagnant blood under the eyes. If you have any darkness, you can see it right away because it gets absorbed. The products really are phenomenal.

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