Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai gives wellness advice during lockdown

The property’s spa manager has released some at home wellness and fitness plans

Qua Spa
Qua Spa

With the UAE advising everyone to stay indoors and hotels being asked to temporarily shut gyms and spas, Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai has adapted to the situation by releasing its own set of at-home routines for people to try.

Qua Spa manager Ayuko Suzuki has laid out a handful of ways people can maintain a healthy lifestyle at home. Suzuki suggested always sticking to a routine, getting ready in the morning and prepare for your day as you normally would. She also said it is important to maintain a regular sleep schedule and move around from your desk every five minutes.

Suzuki added: “Scent means something different to everyone but what is important is what you like is what you need.  Citrus to floral to musky… every person has a different preference, and this can often change depending on your mood.  Aromatherapy has a very strong effect on a person, both physically and emotionally when it goes straight to our olfactory sensory system.  An essential oil diffuser in the home can be a big boost to support your mood throughout the day.”

On the topic of diet, she explained: “There are many superfoods which can help boost our immune systems to help keep us strong.  Blueberries contain flavonoids which helps our respiratory tract’s immune defence system; broccoli is a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants; and green tea has a high content of flavonoids with a small dose of caffeine.”

Her home workout is as follows:

Pillow leg raise

  • Lie flat on your back and bend your knee flat to the floor
  • Place pillow between the leg and extend the leg straight
  • Lift your leg straight up to the ceiling but do not lift your hip or back from floor
  • Hold it at the top for 10 seconds then slowly bring the leg down towards to the floor, about 10 inches from the floor and then hold for 10 seconds 
  • 20 reps, three sets

Knee lift

  • Stand straight tummy tucked in
  • Lock your arms at same level of your shoulder
  • Lift your right knee towards to right arm elbow and put down
  • Lift your left knee towards to left arm elbow and put down
  • Repeat 50 sets for three times
  • If you have more stamina, you can start the posed power walk using the similar method in each room of your house

Yoga planks

  • Lie on your stomach and lift your upper body with your elbows shoulder width apart, and straight below the shoulder
  • Lift your leg with your feet up
  • Stay for 30 seconds keep your back straight
  • Extend your elbow then bring your right knee towards to left shoulder and bring the leg back keeping off from the floor then repeat for 30 times 
  • Bring your left knee towards to right elbow and bring the leg back keeping off from the floor then repeat for 30 times
  • Do three sets

Mimic weight lift

If you don’t have dumbbells at home, use water bottles as your weight
Fill a water bottle with water or sand
Lift in each hand

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