Housekeeping tips from Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek

Executive housekeeper Sheeja Sasidharan shares her wisdom

Sheeja Sasidharan
Sheeja Sasidharan

We spoke to Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek executive housekeeper Sheeja Sasidharan on 10 crucial housekeeping tips to keep in mind. Here’s what she had to say:

1. Always use ‘top to bottom’ cleaning method, not the other way around. Clean either clockwise or counterclockwise so that no area will be left uncleaned.

2. High touch areas are to be cleaned and sanitised at frequent intervals. These are door handles/ knobs, calling bells, switches, telephones, remote controls, taps, flush plates, WC seat covers etc.

3. If you wish to get rid of an unwanted smell in the room, leave one or two lighted candles inside for one to two hours. You will definitely smell the difference afterwards!

4. Fabric steamers can be used for cleaning heavy drapes and upholstered surfaces but always check the thermal tolerance of the material.

5. Use encasements with a nonabsorbent layer for mattress and pillows. This prevents pests, stains, and keeps foul smells away.

6. Always clear any debris before cleaning. Clear the garbage and remove any spillage from surfaces.

7. Dampness inside the cupboard? Leave silica bags inside. These will suck the moisture out and will leave the area dry.

8. Smelly drains and drain holes? Pour baking soda into the drain and run hot water. This will clean and clear the drain.

9. Use colour-coded duster cloths or to be used for different areas such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and balcony. This prevents cross-contamination.

10. Baking soda is an effective cleaner which is cheap and always available in any local supermarket. This can be used in bathroom walls, tiles and bathtubs. Just make a smooth paste by adding water, apply, rub it and leave it for a maximum of 15 minutes and rinse it away. Always remember, use chemicals only if necessary!

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