Comment: The growing trends of wellness and sustainability in F&B

Naim Maadad, Chief Executive and Founder, Gates Hospitality weighs in on what to expect in the F&B industry moving forward

Naim Maadad
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Naim Maadad

As we cruise into a new decade soon, let us see what are the new trends we can look forward to.

Organic will continue the march ahead

As seen during the past couple of years, the growing acceptance and enhanced following of the farm grown organic healthy eating habits will continue its surge ahead. 

The term organic refers to the way agricultural products, like fruits and vegetables, are grown and reached to the consumers. Such produce is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilisers and preservatives, in effect, making it healthier and fresher.

Humans benefit a lot from organic food as it is proven to have more antioxidants and more nutritious. Also, organic farming is said to be safer for the farmers and the environment as there is no exposure to harmful chemicals – it keeps them free from all sorts of health risks associated with conventionally-grown produce.

The increased number of options available for consumers in Dubai is ample proof of its growing popularity as a healthy lifestyle essential element.

Healthy kids menu

Healthy habits need to start early. Hence the growing acceptance of the trend to start the habit of a healthy lifestyle during our early years. Increasing venues adopt the offering of kids healthy menu items as a trends which will gain greater following in the year ahead.

Although the term “superfood” is typically a promotional hype word, there’s a reason why the foods associated with the name become popular on menus. They do have beneficial nutrients like antioxidants, phytochemicals or Omega 3s. The best part of super foods is that they do not contain any of the potentially harmful substances, like saturated fat. Some popular superfoods that businesses consider adding to specific kids’ menu ingredients like blueberries, acai berries, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, beets, sweet potatoes, salmon, cauliflower, whole grains like quinoa and whole-wheat bread.

So the next time you are thinking of changing the kids menu content, you know what to focus on.

 Zero Proof Spirit-Free Drinks

The popularity for zero-alcohol beverages is also increasing, with more and more people applying wellness practices into every facet of their lives. According a report by Bon Appétit, the market for low- to zero-alcohol beverages is set to grow by 32% between 2018 and 2022.

As more young people opt for wellness-oriented lifestyles, brands are offering more non-alcoholic products. As we move into the future, expect to see more offers of non-alcoholic drinks offer during happy hours.

Biodynamic Wine

Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner started the idea of biodynamic agriculture in the early 1920s, predating the organic movement by a long shot.

Biodynamic wine is made with a set of farming methods that view the vineyard as one solid ecosystem. The idea as a whole is to create a self-sustaining system. Viewing it as one system means using natural materials and soils to keep the vineyard as healthy as possible. The overarching goal is to improve the quality of the land you’re using, not to damage it. Biodynamic farming also takes into account the biodynamic calendar, performing certain tasks on certain days. These days are: root days, flower days, fruit days, and leaf days.

Expo 2020

Dubai will eagerly welcome the last quarter with the commencement on 20 October 2020 and run till 10 April 2021. Start-ups, local businesses and international conglomerates alike can benefit from being a part of Expo 2020 Dubai. With more than 25 million people expected to flood into Expo 2020, businesses have a great chance to connect with new customers.

Expo 2020 Dubai will be a gateway into new markets for all businesses, offering them the chance to develop relationships with nations, multilateral organizations, corporations and educational institutions.

All of us at Gates Hospitality look forward to being part of this exciting event in whatever ways possible – contributing to the growing potential realization of this great modern business hub – the Emirate of Dubai.

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