Diversey's VP of the Middle East, Africa & Turkey reveals why hotels should partner with the company

Alp Aksoy provides insights into the company and what is in the pipeline

Diversey delivers its partnership through five major pillars
Diversey delivers its partnership through five major pillars

Ahead of the Hotelier Middle East 2019 Executive Housekeeper Forum, Alp Aksoy, vice president, Middle East, Africa and Turkey, speaks to Hotelier about the company’s brand,  products, why hotels should partner with Diversey, and, among others, what is in the pipeline

Tell us about Diversey and the brand in general
Efficiently integrating chemicals, tools, machines, service and training, for almost a century, Diversey has been a global leader to deliver hygiene solutions to partner customers in hospitality, healthcare, facility management, retail, food and other industries, who strive every day to deliver the most efficient, cost effective, and environmental friendly services to their own guests or customers. 

Diversey’s purpose is to protect and care for people every day. Diversey has been, and always will be, a pioneer and facilitator for life. Everything Diversey does is based on the implicit belief that cleaning and hygiene are life essentials and what we undertake constitutes a vital service.

Please tell us which hotels you are currently working with in the Middle East.
The Middle East is currently one of the fastest regions in the world to grow in terms of hospitality, especially through global brands.  We are privileged that very high profile brands trust the Diversey solution, to ensure their global promises for ultimate guest satisfaction, for safety of guests and staff, and surely for sustainability, for the environment and also for business. 

Such brands include Accor Hotels, Radisson Hotels Group, Kempinski Hotels, Hilton Worldwide Hotels, EMAAR Group, JA Resorts and Hotels.  Diversey services about 70% of the luxury brands in the GCC, and bears the responsibility of such brands as well as the perception of hospitality sector as a whole in the Middle East.

Why should hoteliers choose your company over other similar brands?
Diversey delivers its partnership through five major pillars: Ensuring and improving guest satisfaction; continuously improving operational efficiency; protecting assets; safeguarding health and safety of staff and guests; keeping sustainability ‘top of mind’, for people, planet and profits. Being the only company in the world combining cleaning machines, together with cleaning chemicals, via the Internet of Clean Things.  Diversey sits at a position to deliver the most comprehensive solution, making sense for business for its clients. 

Most importantly, the global expertise of the company delivered to its local teams guarantees results for partner customers, with massive training programmes and continuous service.  Hospitality environment needs support on everyday basis, and it would not stand just a simple delivery of products, yet requires support, training and follow up right after, and again after some time.  Diversey truly acts as a global expertise, delivering above the standards at local level, which the demand of hospitality needs.

Have you introduced any new product ranges recently?
One of the products introduced recently is SUMA Freeze, a product focusing on the cleaning of walk in freezers.  Cleaning rooms at -16 degrees takes a lot of time, as you have to turn them off and then cool them down again, while you would also have to move the food outside to ensure they stay fresh and healthy.  Such operation may take up to eight hours in certain cases, resulting in use of loss in energy, and staff time. 

SUMA freeze efficiently cuts the need for eight hours down to less than an hour, relinquishing the need to remove the products to another freezer, or the need to turn the freezer off and on, saving energy and time lost in traditional cleaning ways.

What is in the pipeline for your company?
Water solutions, including water treatment and pool chemicals, is an element we are currently investing in.  With dosing equipment, delivering real time reports through the internet of things differentiate our solution compared to others, we ensure peace of mind and certainly make sure the right amount of product is used.

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