US woman files a $100 million lawsuit against Hilton

Woman alleged that a hotel worker filmed her nude in the shower and then tried to blackmail her

A Hampton Inn & Suites property in the US.
A Hampton Inn & Suites property in the US.

A woman from Chicago in the United States has filed a law suit against Hilton Worldwide to the tune of US $100,000, according to a report by CNN.

The report went on to say that a lawsuit specifies that the woman – identified in court documents only as "Jane Doe" – alleged that back in 2015 she had been recorded by a hidden camera placed in her room's bathroom by a hotel worker.

The lawsuit says the woman alleged that the hotel worker then tried to blackmail her by posting the footage to multiple pornographic websites, said another media report.

CNN also stated that the woman was unaware of the recordings until September and she did not give in to the blackmailer’s demands of “$2,000 immediately and $1,000 per month for a year to make them stop, according to the suit filed last week,” said the report.

Several news agencies have now reported that the woman is suing the owner of a Hampton Inn and Suites in Albany, New York, where the alleged incident took place, as well as Hilton Worldwide, the chain's parent company.

The report said: “She believes the person who emailed her was an employee who could have gotten her name, contact information and more personal information from the hotel database.”

According to the report, a spokesperson for Hilton said the company became aware of the allegations on Monday with a Hilton spokesperson saying in a statement that they "take the safety and well-being of our guests incredibly seriously, and find the details included in the civil filing distressing."

The woman's attorney, Roland Christensen, said the lawsuit is "a wake up call. Hoteliers need to recognise the threat of digital voyeurism, and they need to institute policies to protect their guests from such a heinous violation." 

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