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The fine distinctions between happiness, wellness, and well-being 

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It is an eminent fact that your fitness is 100% mental; your body won’t go unless your mind does not push it. Here are some insights into the new trends in health and wellness that would be a huge opportunity.

Thirst for Knowledge

As global knowledge and scientific advancement progresses beyond yesteryears, the educational side of wellness is becoming more and more vital by the day. In keeping with this trend, an increasing number of guests at luxury spa destinations are eagerly exploring opportunities to gain knowledge by learning directly from experts in the field. As a direct result of this trend, there are chefs, yoga practitioners, athletes, healers, spiritual gurus, doctors and monks, who are all serving as guest experts, sharing their insights and tremendous knowledge about holistic wellness, spiritual awakening, and healthy lifestyles.

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Fitness Connect

Group holistic exercise is a trend that is gaining a huge following. Hiking is the new yoga done in a group. It provides an ideal opportunity to connect with other people and with nature. It is a known fact that boot camps have built their programmes around group hiking trips. This trend would expand to other destination spas, which offer holistic well-being as part of their platter.

Fit Diet

What you eat decides how fit you are. There are wellness resorts today that recommend what is the best suited diet plan for your specific body type. They are even going deep into the human DNA to gauge what is the best suited plan for nutrition and ideal fitness levels.


Avoiding the intake of sugar is becoming increasingly popular in the world today. In order to reduce your sugar intake and deal with cravings for sweets or refined carbohydrates — a very common problem among most people looking to lose weight or improve their eating habits — there are five main steps commonly recommended, which are listed below:

Eat more fibre.
Include more protein in your diet.
Eat more healthy fats.
Consume sour, including probiotic and fermented, foods.
Read ingredient labels carefully when grocery shopping in order to know just what you are consuming. Most people are unaware of just how much sugar they’re really eating or drinking on a daily basis.

Key to Health

Loneliness, strained relationships, social isolation are a very real part of modern life for an increasing number of people around the globe. There is no doubt that these situations negatively impact health. There are scientifically proven programmes and methods to help identify the cause of these and to help address them with the overall objective of improving both health and wellbeing.

Happiness Unlimited

Happiness, wellness, and well-being — these terms are often used interchangeably but absolute and vital distinctions are emerging. Wellness connotes a state of overall health, while happiness is a more perceptual concept — how people feel about and experience their daily lives. If happiness has always felt like an especially vague concept and personal pressure, now there is a new body of hard science that measures what actually drives the greatest human happiness.

Let us examine some of the happiness elements:

Positive emotion: which can only be assessed subjectively.
Engagement: the presence of a ‘flow state’,  when a person performing activities is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment.
Relationships: the presence of friends, family, intimacy, and social connections.
Meaning: belonging to and serving something bigger than yourself.
Achievement: accomplishments that are pursued even when they bring no positive emotion, and nothing by way of positive relationships.

While measuring and analysing the components of happiness is incredibly important, the wellness world cannot lose sight of its absolute goal of creating a healthier world, with holistic wellness in body and mind. It’s not enough to take the  ‘heartbeat’ of happiness.

We also have to constantly improve people’s heart health – in the future the wellness concept will become more tightly aligned with health.  That certainly is the shape of things to come.

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