Suppliers You Should Know 2017: Beds and Bedding

We speak to two suppliers in the bedding industry about their latest products and news

 Hypnos has global supplier status with Jumeirah.
Hypnos has global supplier status with Jumeirah.
 YouBed provides adjustable firmness.
YouBed provides adjustable firmness.


Olivier Brommet, director of international sales at Hypnos Contract Beds, talks about the new bed base and the hassle-free disposal and recycling service of old beds

Have you introduced a new product range for 2017?

Hypnos introduced an innovative new bed base which we showcased at this year’s The Hotel Show Dubai. Specifically designed to meet the demands and rigour of the hospitality sector, the new bed base incorporates storage space for luggage which is accessible from three sides. With its cantilever design and tall chrome legs, the base has a very modern look and has been well received by our customers.

What is your core business concept and product range?

At Hypnos our core remit and concept is to provide our international customers with a consistent, high-quality product, wherever in the world that hotel might be based. We achieve this through a carefully selected network of manufacturing partners and our partners in the Middle East have been very successful at penetrating the market with our brand, which is synonymous with comfort and durability.

With a wide range of specialist mattresses, bed bases, extra beds, toppers, and mattress protectors, our customers can be sure they are buying into not only multi-functional, high quality, and comfortable beds, but also the best night’s sleep possible for their guests.

Which hotels have you recently partnered with?

It has been an exciting year for Hypnos and during the last 12 months we have become approved suppliers for all brands of InterContinental Hotels across MEA and APAC, as well as Millennium Hotels and Resorts. We are also very proud to have been appointed to the global supplier status by Jumeirah.

Have you expanded the company?

Growth is an important part of Hypnos, ensuring we are delivering our offering all around the world. In light of this we have expanded our network by adding factories in Perth, Australia, Coimbatore, Southern India — and as of this October, we have three new factories in strategic locations in China. This enables us to service a wide range of hospitality needs around the world and is testament to our expertise in the market.

Are there any new initiatives that the company has been developing?

Recycling and the environment are two very important areas to Hypnos as a company. Our UK parent company is the first and only bed manufacturer to be certified carbon-neutral and offers a full, hassle-free, disposal and recycling service for old beds, deconstructing them to create recycled raw materials for re-use in other industries. This responsible approach results in 100% landfill avoidance and offers a green and responsible way of disposing of old mattresses, beds and bedding. We are currently sharing this best practice with our global partners with a view to offering our clients a full service, from sale of the beds, to in-room installation and the removal and ethical disposal of the old beds. It’s an exciting time for the business and we’re currently working on implementing and embracing new offerings such as this.

What else is new for Hypnos?

We are definitely seeing an increase in hotel chains and their franchisees realising the huge importance of providing a good night’s sleep for their guests, and the impact it has on customer satisfaction. Increasingly, more hoteliers are moving away from mattresses with bonnell springs and opting for the higher quality pocket spring mattresses, realising the supreme comfort and durability that they offer the sleeper.


Mattias Sorensen, CEO of YouBed, reveals how technology is being used in the bedding industry

Have you introduced a new product range for 2017?

The world’s most comfortable bed — the innovative YouBed is being launched in the Middle Eastern market during the fourth quarter of 2017.

The introduction has already been a great success and YouBed has, among other things, been appointed as one of the most anticipated new launches of 2017.

What is your core business concept and product range?

The YouBed is the first bed in the world that provides adjustable firmness without interfering with any of its superior comfort features. The firmness of the mattress is easily adjusted by using a hand control. The user can also fine tune different comfort zones of the bed (shoulders and hips) to achieve a perfect personalisation. A display at the hand control provides every user with their unique comfort profile, which means that they always can return to the same comfortable bed, wherever there is a YouBed. The new YouBed technology makes it possible — for the first time — for hotels to offer each guest a guaranteed comfortable sleeping experience, completely based on their individual needs.

YouBed is a one-bed-fits-all solution that finally makes it is possible for hotels to reach their full potential within this sleep-providing industry.

Which hotels have you recently partnered with?

YouBed is making fast progress in Europe where more than 150 hotels already are experiencing positive reactions from their guests as well as thriving on new business opportunities. Three hotel chains in Europe have already launched new room categories and sleep concepts based on the product, and several more are planning for similar initiatives.

How do you think this new technology will change the market?

The new YouBed technology has the ability to change the whole hotel industry for the better and we believe that beds with adjustable firmness will soon become a hygiene factor for hotels. For this to happen, it is important to make it easy for hotels to invest in YouBeds. Also, the product quality and reliability must be unquestioned. Same goes with the company and brand that needs to be perceived as trustworthy and able to serve different customer demands at local markets. The low price will make every investment calculation come to the same conclusion. Apart from a generous warranty, we have added an extended product responsibility that will ensure that no downturn occurs due to broken technical components. A hand control or other components that is broken by mishandling will easily be replaced on the same day at no cost.

Have you expanded the firm?

We are continuously expanding into new markets. After Europe and the Middle East, we will expand into India, Singapore and several other Asian countries in the coming months. The introduction and roll-out will be supported by Business Sweden, The Swedish Trade & Invest Council, which has identified YouBed as a Swedish innovation with potential worldwide.

What else is new?

One of the new, key emerging trends within the hospitality industry is the personalisation of experiences. Products designed to support the hotel guests in customising their stay are in high demand and according to studies, the biggest trend of them all is sleep. Many brands are trying to compensate the inability to provide bed comfort with other less important attributes, like pillow menus, room temperatures, silent areas, and dark curtains. Some hotels even offer sleep consultants to position themselves as great sleep providers.

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