FOH interview: Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre's Reda Zerrouk

Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre hotel manager talks about service

Reda Zerrouk, hotel manager, Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre.
Reda Zerrouk, hotel manager, Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre.

What attracted you to the hospitality industry?

Since childhood, I have always been attracted by hospitality. My parents, especially my mother, taught me to always practice good manners when hosting guests and to offer a generous reception at dinner parties. It definitely stems from my Mediterranean spirit where I naturally put the needs of others first.

What’s your approach when it comes to running a hotel to ensure smooth operations?

My approach is to be passionate about work, lead by example, and ensure I’m always well connected with the team. I strive to abide by the company spirit and values at all times by showing respect for all team members and encouraging them to make the right decisions throughout the working day. At Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre we have regular guests, therefore we ensure to always be supportive and helpful to guarantee our guests return to the hotel. We pride ourselves in mastering the art of welcoming and serving others by greeting guests with a heart-warming reception at all times.

How do you ensure your staff remain driven in the hotel?

No matter how good your product or service is, an organisation can’t progress without well-rounded staff. We believe that passionate employees are trained from a positive environment. At Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre, we have an open door policy and communicate regularly with our team which creates a stress-free and organised working environment. I ensure that I’m contactable at all times so my team know they can rely on me in any situation. Our aim is to make Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre a pleasurable experience for all guests, therefore we’ll go above and beyond to ensure this aim is put into practice.

What are some of the challenges you and your team face, and how do you overcome them?

We experience challenges on a daily basis, however I believe that ‘we don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges’; these challenges make the business stronger and more successful. Hygiene is a huge priority as the demand for cleanliness is vital at all times; therefore we strive to ensure Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre is clean and hygienic no matter how challenging it might be to maintain it. Technology is also challenging at times as it’s integral to offer our guests free WiFi in all the areas. This can be a challenge; however we overcome any challenge with planning, being pro-active, and with persistent efforts.

You have been with AccorHotels for more than 15 years — why?

It’s a never-ending love story driven by the most positive vibes and optimistic people. AccorHotels is a French company with a unique cultural transformation that has become a leader in the hotel business, and I am honoured to be part of it. Its French touch helped me discover a lot in this industry and I’m lucky to have had the chance to introduce the Dubai hospitality spirit to AccorHotels.

You’ve been in Dubai for 19 years, how has the hospitality industry evolved since?

The hospitality landscape has changed dramatically with a massive expansion since 1998 and Dubai has become the world’s biggest growing market in this industry sector with impressive track records. The competition has become extremely tough as guests have started to compare prices, produce, and quality to other competitors; however we see them as healthy competition. The hospitality industry is an everyday quality and service battle, to vastly different cultures and ethnicities with high expectations where there is very little room for mistakes.

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