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Investing in your team will always improve performance

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We all have been to that one place, which looks absolutely amazing but the experience was sub -average, and this eventually left you feeling disappointed.

Now, with such a growth of competition in the spa industry in this region, and spa guests becoming quite knowledgeable on what they like, and having high expectations about the levels of service and technical know-how of your team, having a great guest experience is vital for your business. 

Investing in training your team helps you control the quality of your service, the guest experience, while also sending a positive message to the team about your commitment to their development, welfare and career progression. This in turn builds trust, loyalty and motivation from them.

Here are seven tips on how to invest in training and improve your spa operations performance:

Develop your client service experience, by creating a journey. Train all areas in your spa to deliver and measure the journey. Service improves noticeably when everyone knows what is expected across each stage and all team members understand and appreciate the duties and challenges. This has a significant impact on your client satisfaction ratings and their willingness to return.

Train your trainers. Develop your own trainers to accredited standards. Applying an effective training structure combined with professional delivery skills will make an instant impact on the quality of your training. Don’t rely solely on the product house training you receive. Ensure you can follow through with in-house product knowledge and service skills.

Measure your training activities. Ensure all training has clear, measurable goals so you can evaluate the impact of the training and the progress made in achieving the goals.

Acknowledge the team when they do it right. We are all quick to notice when employees do things wrong, but how often do we praise them when they do things right? Remember: ‘Good performance, if not noticed, will go away. Poor performance, if not noticed, is here to stay.’

Coach poor performance. If you do notice poor performance, train the managers and supervisors to apply positive, corrective coaching techniques. If done well, both parties feel positive and confident to exceed the set standards.

Set up daily team briefings. Make sure your team know what is happening both in your spa and hotel. The more they know and understand what goes on in your business, the more motivated they will be to make positive contributions.

Celebrate success. Keep your staff motivated by celebrating all your successes. Whether your teams have learnt new skills, introduced a new treatment, increased sales, or delighted clients with outstanding service, everyone loves to celebrate success. Remember — investing in training today, will reap benefits tomorrow and beyond.

About the Author:  Ebi Malekzadeh is the group CEO & founder of esadore International, a UAE-based, specialised design, construction and operation spa, fitness and wellness company with five brands and four divisions under its umbrella. With more than 20 years of experience across the globe, Malekzadeh settled in the UAE in 2008. Contact or visit

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