Hotelier Middle East Awards 2017: Meet the sponsors

Hotelier Middle East catches up with the sponsors of the Hotelier Middle East Awards


Gavin Dodd, managing director, A. Ronai

Why do you feel it is important to support the Hotelier Middle East Awards this year?

As a loyal ambassador of Hotelier Middle East, A. Ronai is delighted to sponsor the awards once again this year. We very much believe in supporting the great industry that we are a part of, and giving back to those who have supported us throughout the year.

What is your latest offering for the hospitality sector in the Middle east region?

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We are delighted to launch our new Uniforms by Ronai catalogue in September; the collection has been expanded to include a host of new fabrics and enhancements to the ‘builder’ sections, so our customers have the opportunity to create their own unique garments.

We have partnered with two new brands for tableware: Creative Display and Skyra. The Creative range offers a host of melamine, polycarbonate, and poly-wicker food serving items, and Skyra provides a collection of stainless steel, titanium, and copper buffet ware. With a variety of chafing dishes, risers, and unique mini pass-around plates, our new collections are sure to prove popular.

Steelite has launched new ranges: Scape combines melamine, china, and glassware to create a unique collection of perfectly blended pieces. The Willow pattern has been designed for fine dining and exceptional presentation, with a collection of wide-rim gourmet plates. Stoneware also features in the new range with a selection of colours available.

Our Genware collection continues to offer regular new and innovative products for food service and presentation, from oil cans to washable serving bags. The line offers a distinctive piece to suit any environment.

TEL: + 971 4 341 4409 ∙ EMAIL: enquiries@ronai.aeWEB:

Jad Asaad, marketing manager, Horeca Trade

Why is it important to you to support the Hotelier Middle East Awards this year?

As the official water sponsors for the Hotelier Middle East Awards 2017, we believe this is the perfect way to build our relationships within the hotel industry. Our water brands are present in almost every hotel around the UAE, and what better way to engage with our customers than by celebrating their success and achievements?

What is your latest offering for the hospitality sector in the region?

We have recently launched Midamar, which originates from the US. The brand consists of halal cold cuts such as turkey strips, organic whole chicken, and frankfurters. These are perfect for the hotel industry as many of the items are commonly used for buffet breakfasts and lunches.

TEL: +971 4 805 2000 ∙ EMAIL: marketing@horecatrade.aeWEB:

Arnd Springer, managing partner, Jackson Dallmayr

Why is it important to you to support the Hotelier Middle East Awards 2017?

The Hotelier Middle East Awards is one of the most important events in Dubai. It brings all the people involved in hotel industry together in one place. We want to see as much as possible from this event: new ideas, business models, products and services, offered in the UAE and the Middle East. Being part of all this, and being able to present our own products and services to the best in the market, was an ideal opportunity for us. And there is no better place to attract new customers than through direct contact with the group that might use our products and services, or sell them to others.

What is your latest offering for the hospitality sector in the region?

This year we are focusing more on one of the best of our machines. Dallmayr XS Grande. It offers two varieties of coffee and milk (fresh or instant), which can be combined to make 10 different drink recipes, including cardamom tea, lemon tea, and hot chocolate, offering customers a broad selection during breakfast at the push of a button. Attractive design and an simple user interface makes employees’ lives easier during the busy hours of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The XS Grande machine is suitable for both budget hotels and five-star properties.

TEL: +971 4 2977888 ∙ EMAIL: info@jackson.aeWEB:

Stephen Bennett, general manager, Pulsar Foodstuff

Why do you believe it is important for you to support the Hotelier Middle East Awards this year?

It is very important for Pulsar Foodstuff to support events such as the Hotelier Middle East Awards 2017, as it allows us to stay in direct contact with our target clients and, hopefully, introduce ourselves to potential new customers, many of whom attend such events. It is also important, during difficult and testing times, not to get dragged down by the negativity that can cause many companies to go backwards. We utilise such events to push forward, introduce new products and ideas, and, overall, enjoy the spirit of the hospitality sector.

What is your latest offering for the hospitality sector in the region?

We have recently invested in a new range of low-cost packaging, in order to meet the needs of a changing market that is seeing an increasingly large number of mid-range hotels entering the region. As a leading supplier of in-room snacks to the hotel industry, we want to ensure that all hotels have the opportunity to increase their brand value and enhance the customer experience.

TEL: +971 50 476 0068 ∙ EMAIL: stephen@pulsarfoodstuff.comWEB:

Joanne Cook, managing director, SIAL Middle East

Why do you believe it is important for you to support the Hotelier Middle East Awards this year?

Simply because the Hotelier Middle East Awards offer the perfect opportunity to position our brand in front of the crème de la crème of the regional hospitality industry. As an annual event defining innovation in the food, beverage, and hospitality industry, it is important for SIAL Middle East to be associated with these awards, which recognise excellence and innovation in the hospitality industry.

The Hotelier Awards provide a perfect platform for us to present ourselves to the industry before the event, network while attending the excellent gala dinner, and further instil the idea of attending SIAL Middle East with post-show coverage.

What can the hospitality industry in this region look forward to when it comes to the 2017 edition of SIAL Middle East?

With innovation at the core of every SIAL event around the world, SIAL Middle East continues to bring something new and exciting each year — with 2017 being no exception.

HoReCa is a key focus for this year’s event and the hospitality industry will have an opportunity to meet leading suppliers from around the world, including new pavilions from Brazil and the European Union. La Cuisine will feature a special competition that includes preparing an Arabian buffet feast. This competition will ensure the promotion of Emirati cuisine and showcase Arabian hospitality. The buffet will be prepared by a team of two chefs and a helper, and will be presented as a traditional Arabian wedding feast within a VIP restaurant set-up at the event.

Also returning once again to La Cuisine is the Africa and Middle East Global Chef & Pastry Chef Final, which will serve as the qualifying round for the Global Chef & Pastry Chef finals, to be held in Malaysia in 2018.

TEL: +971 4 342 2771 Ext: 103 ∙ EMAIL: r.mustafa@sialme.comWEB:

Raeda Al Ahmar, commercial sales director, OSN For Business

Why is it important to you to support the Hotelier Middle East Awards 2017?

OSN is partnering with the Hotelier Middle East Awards for the first time this year, and we are very proud to support an event that recognises the hardworking talent in the industry. At OSN, we always look to reward our employees, and the Hotelier Middle East Awards are celebrating many of the individuals that we interact with on a day-to-day basis with our products and services, who often do not get the recognition that they deserve from their peers. OSN is a big supporter of the Hotelier Middle East Awards’ aim to give the back-of-house heroes that make the region’s hotels some of the very best in the world their chance to shine.

What is your latest offering for the hospitality sector in the region?

At OSN, we’re really big on family. We know that there’s nothing more enjoyable than some family-friendly TV time. OSN has something for everyone to make you feel at home – from movies and series, to kids programmes, factual shows, sports, and much more.

Over time, viewing habits are changing, and OSN is focusing on developing new products to reflect this. We are continually looking to expand our catalogue of entertainment content. By increasing our offering by genre, region, and language, OSN is looking to reflect the needs of a more diverse demographic in the Middle East and North Africa tourism industry.

OSN now offers a variety of channels that are extremely popular and consumed through both public viewing and in-room entertainment, across all demographics. In the UAE, our most popular channel in the hospitality sector is the Disney Channel HD, with 63% of all customers selecting this channel.

On OSN Movies, customers can watch blockbuster movies as soon as we have them. Hotel guests are able to see Hollywood’s biggest hits for the first time on TV. Furthermore, the recently launched entertainment channels, OSN Series First HD and OSN First HBO HD, are home to the global smash hits House of Cards and Game of Thrones, respectively.

For our public viewing offering, OSN has an unparalleled line up of sport, entertainment, and Pehla and Pinoy content. From FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifiers, WWE, international and T20 cricket, the Rugby Championship, and the Golf Majors, to the Indian Premier League or even the latest South Asian entertainment, news, and music, OSN can provide the channels and content that customers want to watch.

TEL: +971 4 367700 ∙ EMAIL: commercialsales@osn.comWEB:

Samit Sanyal, marketing director – MENA, Sealed Air

Why is it important for you to support the Hotelier Middle East Awards 2017?

The Hotelier Middle East Awards is a platform that allows our peers in the industry to be recognised. These awards specifically keep our peers, with whom we work on a daily basis, motivated in their line of work. It is also a great avenue to see young, fresh talent grow in the market, and the awards also allow us to focus not only on the front- but also on the back-of-house.

What is your latest offering for the hospitality sector in the region?

We have quite a few additions to our portfolio this year. However, the most exciting is the Internet of Clean, a new platform that remotely monitors equipment, machines, and operations through sensor-generated data. Through data analytics, complete insight is possible into operations, dosing, compliance, and machine performance. Among the solutions included in the Internet of Clean are IntelliTrail, SmartView, TempTrip, IntelliDish,IntelliConsult, IntelliLinen, IntelliCare, Auditing, and Intellibot robots.

TEL: +971 4 881 9470 ∙ EMAIL: samit.sanyal@diversey.comWEB:

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