Product test: Quooker Twintaps gets tested by Citymax Al Barsha

Quooker Twintaps, with its instantaneous ability to dispense chilled water as well as boiling water, gets tested during hotel operations at Citymax Al Barsha

Quooker Twintaps with PRO3 three-litre volume tank.
Quooker Twintaps with PRO3 three-litre volume tank.
Citymax Hotel Al Barsha chief engineer Mohammed Salim.
Citymax Hotel Al Barsha chief engineer Mohammed Salim.

What did you like most about this product?

What I like most about Quooker is that it is safe, efficient to use and multi-purpose for hotel operations. It provides boiling water for the entire day with minimum power consumption.

How could this product improve hotel operations?

Apart from power savings, this product also saves time as a single tap provides immediate access to boiling water for tea and coffee but could also even be used for potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables and more.

How could this product impact guest satisfaction?

Hotel guests can be served faster with a unified tap which dispenses 100˚C boiling water at the touch of a button. As Quooker is multi-purpose and also dispenses safe, clean chilled and sparkling water from a single tap, this adds to the ease and convenience in operations. Saving time in operations means that the hotel staff have more time to focus on the guests and their needs.

Did your hotel team find this product easy to use and maintain? Why/why not?

Our hotel team found it easy to use as it is giving boiling water and chilled water with a very simple operational step, at the touch of a button. The product is easy to maintain as well.

Is this product priced appropriately for mid-market hotels?

The price is fair for mid-market hotels, considering the overall product performance.

Would you recommend this product for your company? Why/why not?

We will recommend Quooker to our other Citymax properties, as it saves time and energy and instantly gives 100˚C boiling water at the touch of a button. Most importantly, using Quooker also means our properties can strengthen its commitment to environmentally sustainable initiatives because this product will help to reduce reliance and use of bottled water.

Any final comments to share?

We would like to express our thanks to Quooker for introducing this sustainable product to us, which can help our hotel to save time, energy and water as well as reduce its carbon footprint and use of bottled water.

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