Supplier of the month: The Rational choice

Hotelier Express finds out why the German company is a logical choice for the Middle East's mid-market hotel sector

Rational VarioCookingCenter.
Rational VarioCookingCenter.

What makes Rational a good fit as a supplier for the mid-market hospitality sector?

Rational understands the needs and wants of today’s customers for tomorrow’s demands and listens to the voice of the chefs, operators and stakeholders on how best to deliver quality, value for money, efficiency and consistency. We can do this because of the experience and strategy of the organisation, by creating unique products years ahead of our competition. We offer all of the above and more, and a complete aftersales package based here in the Middle East for peace of mind.

Which of your company’s products are the best-selling items for mid-market and economy hotels?

We just recently launched our new SelfCookingCenter range which includes a unique in class, true professional 2/3GN called the SelfCookingCenter XS and last year, we launched the full VarioCooking Center range in the Middle East, which has a 112T table top unit. This allows us to supply 100% of cuisines globally with only two pieces of equipment, saving time, labour, space and energy, even before we talk about quality, materials and ease of use.

What are some challenges (if any) that you face in the mid-market hospitality sector?

The same challenges in mid-market hospitality are in all sectors and that is competitive advantages and survival. We are all in the business of making our customers happy; this is what gives us repeat business and referrals to increase revenues. To do this repeatedly and efficiently, you need the best tools for the job. At Rational, we have over 40 years of making only one product and this, combined with superior market intelligence, allows us to deliver products that are not only fit for the purpose but are also designed to outlast and outperform the competition.

What are some of the opportunities which Rational can capitalise on in the mid-market hospitality sector?

I don’t see opportunities to capitalise; I see opportunities to develop and support a market that is very important to the wellbeing and longevity of the hospitality sector in the Middle East. In the future, there will be the need to benchmark against other brands or higher sector offerings to exceed the competition and stay ahead of the new and developing hotel chains. This can only be done with a sustainable approach to long-term investments with high returns and gains from day one. Rational offers this investment with its SelfCookingCenter and VarioCooking Center ranges, giving the customers full flexibility and agility to succeed with confidence in their own goals and ambitions.

How is Rational different from its competitors?

Rational has been involved in the Middle East for 25 years and has been investing heavily in the region for the last 10 years. We have the unbeatable quality and features to support our technical abilities. We have Rational cooking live demonstrations every week all over the region to test drive the SelfCookingCenter and the VarioCooking Center for anyone who wishes to see the performance and understand the flexibility when you are able to roast, bake, steam, grill and fry, all on a single appliance and mix loads without taste transfer. We launched last month our new for cloud-based connectivity giving convenience, security, inspiration and service. At present, we have 12 members of our team in the Middle East: two engineers, two customer service staff, five sales/chefs,  including a director, one corporate chef for application, one key accounts manager and myself as the managing director. All of us are available free of charge for the lifetime of the unit to service the needs of our customers in the region.

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