Tea bags are safe, says Dubai Municipality

After conducting laboratory tests where samples of tea bags from several brands were analysed, Dubai Municipality has concluded that the tea bags do not cause any harm to consumers' health

Tea bags in Dubai pose no threat to public health.
Tea bags in Dubai pose no threat to public health.

In response to a rumour circulating through social media that Epichlorohydrin, a substance used to make pesticides, was being used to make tea bags, Dubai Municipality has clarified that the claim is false.

Dubai Municipality director of food safety Department noted that the Municipality Iman Al Bastaki confirmed that there are clear directives from the Director General of the Municipality in this area and an emphasis on the application of all local orders and health regulations as well as Gulf and international rules to protect public health.

Al Bastaki said in a statement: “For this, we have devoted a large force of observers and inspectors in all areas concerning the protection of public health in terms of waste, food or pest control.”

Al Bastaki also denied the presence of any impurities or carcinogenic substances in the food in circulation in the emirate of Dubai.

She pointed out that all the food that enters the emirate undergoes various rounds of inspections explaining: “Before being circulated and sold to the public, the food in Dubai is subjected to routine health inspections. It has to undergo a comprehensive analysis to make sure that it is free from anything that is detrimental to the health and safety of consumers and the community in Dubai.”

Al Bastaki urged the public not to be deceived by rumours launched by people via social networking sites on the specifications and components of the food traded in the country.

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