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Dulsco's business development manager Satnam Grover talks to Caterer Middle East about the challenges of supplying equipment for events during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Satnam Grover.
Satnam Grover.

Dulsco's business development manager Satnam Grover talks to Caterer Middle East about the challenges of supplying equipment for events during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

As the region's F&B industry gears up for another Ramadan, rental equipment specialist Dulsco prepares its inventory to manage the seasonal increase in demand.

Ramadan is traditionally a slow month in terms of rental revenue due to the summer heat and the limited frequency of events.

However, this trend is starting to change as the growth in the hospitality sector is fuelling an increased demand for rental requirements, explains Dulsco business development manager, hospitality and events equipment rental, Satnam Grover.


A trend in today's market is the need for a complete service offering, where people can get everything they need from one source.

"We provide equipment for a number of hotels in the region during Ramadan, which is a rapidly expanding market for us."

Grover comments that Dulsco has also recorded a steady annual increase in demand from the region's private party sector, in particular for Iftar gatherings.

"It is difficult because more people are vying for a smaller market during Ramadan, but our event profile indicates a growth in supply in comparison to previous years."

Grover believes that it is Dulsco's diverse and comprehensive inventory that is driving this trend.

"A trend in today's market, especially with private parties, is the need for a complete service offering, where people are able to get everything they need for their event, all in one place.

"That's where Dulsco comes in. We can provide everything, from service staff to tents, crockery and cutlery, tables, chairs and even portable toilets."

Ramadan is traditionally a family-orientated event, which is also fuelling the increase in business generated from the private party sector she says.

"We're involved more frequently during Ramadan with private Iftar gatherings that require basic equipment, such as tents, majalis set-ups, water coolers, fans and air-conditioning units, generators and crockery supplies."

Although Ramadan requirements are usually within Dulsco's core supply offering, clients are demanding more personalised service comments Grover.

"We have regular requests to tailor tents to suit specific themes, right down to the dimensions, partitions, flowers, decorations, tableware and seating options.

"The biggest challenge is establishing the needs of the client and matching their requirements with our services, so they get what they want," she says.

Dulsco has a dedicated creative department to cater to these needs explains Grover.

"It's a very creative market and you have to come up with new ideas all the time."

One of the most important considerations when planning an event is efficiency says Grover.

"People today have less time to arrange the details, which is why we do everything for them.

"This is our core business and we have the facility to provide qualified and trained service staff along with all of the other key components that people need for an event."

Dulsco has a dedicated performance coach who is responsible for training service staff and matching their skills with a client's requirements says Grover.

"As soon as we understand the needs of the customer, then we can suit our staff accordingly, although our hotel clients usually impliment their own in-house training standards as well."

Regardless of the size and scope of an event, Grover says that all parties need similar equipment and more importantly, proper planning and timelines to ensure that they are successful.

"Quite often during Ramadan, families will arrange parties and need staff at very short notice, which is sometimes difficult to arrange, but these are things we have to expect and plan for."

Providing hospitality services is still a new market for Dulsco. The company's rate of growth has been exceptional, however, says Grover.

"We only started last year and we already have a good capture of this sector, which is expanding at a phenomenal rate."

However, with the steady rate of inflation, a constant challenge is maintaining competitive rates comments Grover.

In future, Duslco hopes to be able to expand its inventory in order to serve a greater market share.

"We've made a lot of improvements to our portfolio capabilities this year, and we will continue to add more equipment to our offering and maintain a consistent level of quality that is recognised in the industry," she says.

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