Mokha 1450 brings most expensive coffee to Dubai

The speciality coffee boutique has brought in a premium Jamaica Blue Mountain variety with a rare 100% score

Mokha 1450 introduces rare 100% rated coffee
Mokha 1450 introduces rare 100% rated coffee

Mokha 1450 claim to have added Dubai’s most expensive coffee to the café's menu.

For once, not a gold leaf dusted cup, nor a variety filtered through the digestive system of a civet cat.

This variety introduced by Mokha 1450 is a Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) coffee. It earns its premium price tag of $68 (AED250) for one 250 gram bag, due to its 100% score.

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Coffees deemed ‘specialty’ (which the Dubai based brand specialises in serving) are required to have a rating of at least 80 or upwards out of 100.

In a statement, Mokha 1450 says that this particular Jamaican variety is highly sought after, and highly priced due to its ‘unique and superior flavour profile’, which earns it the 100% Grade One rating.

Commenting on the news, Mokha 1450 managing director Garfield Kerr said: “I have leveraged my personal relationships in Jamaica to source the highest quality designation of “Grade One” JBM on offer at Mokha 1450 Coffee Boutique from three exceptional female coffee farmers in Jamaica whose farm is located at the highest regions of the Jamaican Blue Mountains.

“What makes Mokha 1450’s JBM Grade One unique even when compared to other JBM Grade One coffees is that it is 100% certified JBM Grade One coffee that was supervised and shipped directly to Dubai from the Coffee Industry Board in Jamaica."

Speaking exclusively to Hotelier Middle East, Kerr added: “The coffee was first hand processed by the three female coffee farmers to Mokha 1450’s specification to select the best coffee beans from the harvest’s best selection of JBM Grade One beans. 

"Given that many JBM coffees on offer are not Grade One and that some JBM Grade One are generally blended with other coffee to cut costs, the Mokha 1450 JBM Grade One is a rarity among rarities as it is 100% Grade One coffee that is unadulterated and pure.”

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee first reach the world trading floor via the The East India Company. These days, it is considered to consistently, year-on-year, be one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Over 80% of coffee is typically purchased by the Japan market, leaving a small percentage of the annual yield available to buyers from the rest of the world.

At Mokha 1450, the premium beverage will be sold for $68 (AED250) per 250g bag, $12 (AED45) for an espresso, and between $13-40 (AED50-150) for a cup, depending on brew style.

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