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Revealed: Hollywood actor sacked insurance company for refusing to allow Mission Impossible scene

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise allegedly fired an insurance company after it refused to cover his famous stunt off Dubai’s Burj Khalifa during his 2011 blockbuster ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.’

The movie, which was the fourth instalment in the successful Mission Impossible franchise, featured the actor running around the outside of the world’s tallest building on a harness and hanging from its frame.

However, in recent days it has come to light that the first insurance company working on the movie refused to cover the stunt and was fired by the American actor, who is also listed as a producer on the film.

The stunt went ahead when a new insurance company was eventually brought on board, David Ellison, CEO of Skydance Production, recently revealed during a group interview at the Berlin premiere of new movie ‘Terminator Genisys’.

“On Ghost Protocol, we wanted to hang Tom off the side of a building and we actually couldn’t get insurance, and Tom wanted to fire the insurance company [laughs]. And we did and we got somebody to insure the movie,” Ellison was quoted as saying.

The fifth instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise, which features Cruise hanging off the side of an airplane as it takes off, will be released on July 31.


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Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 10:36
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