Sell it to me: Franke coffee machines

Daniel Hofstetter, global product manager, introduces the three new coffee machines to keep your guests wired

A Franke coffee machine
A Franke coffee machine

Daniel Hofstetter, global product manager of Franke, introduces the company’s three new coffee machines

What is your newest product?
Franke recently launched three new coffee machines; the A200, the A600 and a professional capsule system. In The A200 and the A600 we integrated our best technology to machines of a low and medium volume capacity. This means ease of use with an attractive and comprehensive touchscreen, and coffee extraction with a perfectly-engineered system. The icing on the cake is our Foammaster technology, which is now available on all capacity levels starting with the A200, and then the A600 and the Foammaster FM800.

Why are these products special?
The three new products are part of a new generation of Franke coffee machines. They have a new and streamlined design and system integration with additional features such as a fully-automatic cleaning programme, customisable touchscreen, and a smart brewing unit. The A200 is a bean-to-cup machine that can be equipped with an additional capsule brewing unit. Finally one can make hot chocolate without the hassle of using powder.

Why does my hotel need this product?
Franke is the ideal partner for every hotel because we offer the entire range of coffee solutions. Usually there are several points of coffee consumption in a hotel and each one has its special requirements. For example, a piano bar may require a semi-automatic machine whereby coffee preparation is part of a ritual. In the dining area we mostly use fully automatics (bean-to-cup) machines that deliver constant quality and are simple to use. Breakfast or conferencing often asks for good quality brewed coffee, with high volumes at a fast service speed. Meeting rooms often require a compact capsule system with fresh milk.

What benefits will the range offer my hotel guests?
With only one supplier for all the coffee machines, you have one touch point in terms of service. Lower costs of maintenance makes it easier to have a highly consistent coffee quality across the hotel.

How can I contact you?
Direct contacts for our Middle East distributors are given on the website:
Customers can also call us on +41 62 787 3281 or email

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