VIDEO: Hidden cameras show housekeeping shortcuts

Staff at top hotel chains in the US exposed for questionable practices

Housekeeping report, Housekeeper

An investigation by a popular morning show in the US has unearthed some questionable practices by housekeeping staff at some top hotel chains in the country. [SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW THE VIDEO]

Today installed hidden cameras in the rooms at a DoubleTree by Hilton, Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, with its reporters staying for two nights.

Having used the provided glass, left towels on the floor and clearly requested that all linens be changed, they then observed what the hotels’ housekeeping staff did.

What emerged was a series of shortcuts being taken by the staff, as well as a number of serious hygiene transgressions, all clearly against expected practices.


At the DoubleTree, the maid did not replace the pillowcases and also used the same towel to dry the toilet and shower and scrub the counter in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, at the Holiday Inn the maid did not change the pillowcases, while at the Crowne Plaza, the maid washes the glasses and used a towel which had been left on the floor to dry them, before using it to also wipe down the countertop, the toilet and the bathtub. At no point did she use any soap.

Click here to see how the hotel chains in question responded to the investigation


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