VIDEO: Housekeeper caught red-handed at hotel

Laptop camera catches housekeeper rifling through property at US hotel

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A video showing a housekeeper at a US hotel looking through a guest’s luggage and trying to access their laptop and tablet computer has gone viral online.

The video, uploaded onto YouTube by user Vince Stravix and seen by more than one million people, was recorded at a “brand-named” hotel on November 5.

It begins with the housekeeper inspecting a package the guest says he received that morning.

She then proceeds to take a close look at a Playstation 3 and games for the console, before moving on to the laptop itself.

Her next target is a tablet computer, which she tried to access, followed by a Chromebook.

After returning to her job and making the bed for a few moments, the guest’s luggage catches her attention, and she duly opens and looks through the bag.

Another sting of cleaning and housekeeping is then interrupted by an attempt to access the laptop, before she brings to an end her unexpected inspections.

There is no sign in the video that the housekeeper tried to take anything, and there has been a mixed reaction to her actions from YouTube users.

One, called respeezy, wrote: “I dont think its that much of a big deal, i mean they shouldnt do it but i probably would have done the same 10 years ago. They are not stealing things, they just want to use it for a moment, again they shouldnt use your stuff but really nothing much happened here.”

Meanwhile, another simply says: “Don't be a victim. Mind your property in hotels.”

The uploader’s advice was similar: “Keep you're items hidden in the trunk of a car or at least hidden from view!”

What do readers think about the actions of this housekeeper?

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