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Regional vice president on supporting HME Security and Safety Summit

One of the companies that backed the Hotelier Middle East Safety and Security Summit was VingCard Elsafe.

Ahead of the event, vice president Middle East, Africa & India Manit Narang explained why the company was supporting the inaugural event, which took place on June 17 at The Ritz-Carlton DIFC in Dubai.

Why is it important for your company to support the Hotelier Middle East Security and Safety Summit?

VingCard Elsafe is a global leader when it comes to hotel security solutions, including guest room electronic locks and electronic in-room safes. [We've played] an important role in hotel security and loss/prevention since 1979, with an extensive network of local sales and support in more than 166 countries.

Being installed at more than seven million rooms worldwide and in majority of hotels across MEA region, it is important for us to participate in this conference.

You are experts in this industry and the region: what trends do you expect to come to light at the event?

Following the last trend, we expect demand for more high-end solutions coming out of this event.

What are the latest product launches or new initiatives from your company?

We are pioneers with online technology when it comes to electronic locks and we are the only company in the world providing online safes with detailed audit trail reports to the hotel industry. Hence [we are] offering an integrated solution to hotel security, where an intelligent energy management solution can be integrated wirelessly online to offer a unique packaged solution to hotels.

We recently launched our state of art integrated Allure by VingCard, a unique DND/MUR/Access control system with the same level of security as our standard guest room locks with mortised lockcase. We do not use any electrical strikes traditionally used with such systems, that don’t offer many security features required by most hotel chains’ loss/prevention departments globally.

In addition, this system is a minimalistic wall panel that offers a unique experience in terms of design/installation and the reader communicates wirelessly and with full encryption with our heavy duty mortised lockcase.

So high end design offered with top class security.

What news can we expect from your company in the next 12 months?

Security integrated with energy savings is what you will hear from us more in next 12 months. i.e. High end/design security with energy savings.

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