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Galal Ghaly gives us three good reasons why we cant live without TCL

Galal Ghaly, general manager at TCL
Galal Ghaly, general manager at TCL

Galal Ghaly, general manager at TCL, highlights three reasons why you can’t live without the company’s new Citro System

The Citro System is a super concentrated range of chemicals that has been designed to cover all the needs of kitchen sanitation and hygiene. Included in the range is the CitroClean all purpose cleaner for walls, floors, pots and pans; the Citro Gel oven cleaner and degreaser for ovens, grills, and greasy floors; Citro Lime limescale remover for dishwashing machines, heating elements and rust stains; and the CitroBac multipurpose sanitizer to kill bacteria and prevent cross contamination. The Citro System range of super concentrated products can therefore save customers up to 90% of the total unit costs compared to other chemical cleaning solutions.

The specially designed Citro Mix system is an automatic dispenser that mixes water with our super concentrated Citro System products. Easy to use, the Citro System lasts longer and is more efficient than standard non-concentrated products. This has the added benefit of helping our customers reduce the amount of plastic waste that comes from the thousands of plastic containers used by other cleaning chemicals. Plastic waste continues to be one of the major pollutants affecting our environment and by using the Citro System range of cleaning products hotels can reduce their environmental impact as well as reducing their monthly cleaning costs.

TCL has complete confidence in the performance and value of the Citro System, with the system having already been implemented in five-star hotels across the UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. As part of our promotion of the Citro System, TCL is offering all of our Citro System customers a monthly kitchen equipment deep cleaning service from our sister company, Powers Factor Facilities Management & Cleaning Services, free of charge for one year! We also aim to encourage our customers to try our ranges of environmental friendly chemicals by hosting regular product demonstrations as well as offering a range of product samples free of charge.

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