TKI-designed Al Housh opens its doors in Khartoum

Dubai-based F&B consultant worked closely with Khartoum-based Iskan

The interior of Al Housh, which can seat 600 people.
The interior of Al Housh, which can seat 600 people.

Dubai-based Thomas Klein International (TKI) has opeend Al Housh located in Khartoum, Sudan - an eatery featuring 25 stalls selling food and fresh produce.

With a seating capacity for 600 people, the venue forms part of the El Seref Tourism and Hospitality project, and is the largest outlet located within the 45,000 square feet destination.

"Al Housh offers traditional Sudanese cuisine, and recreates a souk layout and experience whereby customers are brought back to a time and place when the ingredients were at the core of the food they ate," said TKI principal and MD Daniel During, in a statement.

He added: "Similarly, the interior design was inspired by the ancient street markets and souks, and we have created similar courtyards and alleys throughout the eatery, to create an authentic dining experience."

The concept was designed after the team learned more about traditional cooking methods, recipes and ingredients. During said, "We visited every hook and cranny in every souk, every street and stall and spoke to many locals about the Sudanese food and their ways of eating.

"We needed to frame this proud heritage and make it available to the wider public and expose it to the world. We needed to showcase Sudanese traditions in a way that would make the Sudanese proud of what their land has to offer. Most of all, we were inspired to create a place that would appeal to Sudanese families and foreigners alike."

TKI worked with Iskan, a Khartoum-based design company, for the design of Al Housh, and with several local and international companies to replicate ancient Sudanese cooking methods while meeting modern standards of food quality, hygiene and safety.

The restaurant features 25 different food stalls, including a spice market, fruit and vegetable market, a deli, bakery, pastry shop, as well as a butcher and fishmonger and traditional street food stalls.

"We also have many live cooking stalls to showcase a host of traditional methods of cooking such as Agashe - a western Sudanese method of grilling meat, whereby the meat and chicken is placed on sticks nestled in the sand around charcoal in a circle.

"There is also the Sudanese Wok and a Salat - a typical Sudanese grilling method whereby hot charcoal is placed in a sand hole and covered with pebbles on which marinated meat slices are cooked," said During.

Al Housh also offers customers the option to buy fresh produce and ingredients, as well as hot dishes, from the various stalls. "Ultimately, the freshness of the food is very important to the entire concept, and diners are encouraged to watch their food being prepared at the stalls, thereby enjoying the action and traditional skills of the experts," added During.

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