Rotana and Entiretec roll out centralised system

Security and loyalty programme can now be managed in central database

Samir Abi Frem, Rotana's corporate vice president, information technology.
Samir Abi Frem, Rotana's corporate vice president, information technology.

Rotana and Entiretec have completed the roll-out of its central management system infrastructure across the chain’s complete portfolio.

The system allows a shared experience between all Rotana hotels, which can now share its property management system between all hotels, and centralise the management of aspects such as system security and its loyalty programme.

“There are some restrictions in a lot of hotels – sometimes by the ISP provider to build a global infrastructure. But these are challenges that are pushing us into going in certain directions,” said Samir Abi Frem, Rotana’s corporate vice president, information technology.

He said that only a few years ago, it was a big challenge to roll out any centralised system due to ISP restrictions between different geographical locations. “Dubai and Abu Dhabi were like two different countries – they didn’t have the infrastructure to have a centralised system in one of these cities and roll it out to the other. This is where we’re trying to change now.”

“Some global hotel chains refrain from doing what Samir and Rotana are doing. But we, as Entiretec, can’t support a chain of 1500 hotels globally – but the size of Rotana, we’re a perfect match,” said managing director of Entiretec Julian Kraft.

“Other bug hotel chains can’t deploy their systems globally – they would rely more on a distributed model rather than a centralised model and are waiting until they find someone who can provide something like this,” Kraft added.


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