Top 10 hotels rooms of the future

Wacky room ideas include zero-gravity hotels and holographic butlers

Ideas from the focus group were drawn on canvas by local artist Zanjeer Salam
Ideas from the focus group were drawn on canvas by local artist Zanjeer Salam

Last week, Jumeirah Group teamed up with participants at TEDx Dubai, a creative ideas conference, to brainstorm ideas for the “hotel room of the future”.

Participants at the conference, as well as its social-media audience, put forward their creative concepts for what a future hotel room may look like, where it may be situated and what features and facilities could be available.

Local artist Zanjeer Salam drew the hotel-room ideas on 4m-long canvas.

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Click through to the following pages to reveal the top 10 hotel-room ideas:

1) One participant suggested a future hotel may be located in the clouds! This miracle hotel would have invisible walls and floors, offering "breathtaking views". Hungry guests could order dinner which would be teleported directly to them. 

2) Who needs to catch an aeroplane when the hotel of the future could be a flying hotel, transporting guests around the world in style without the need to check in or out. Or how about an orbiting hotel in space already on the drawing board?  

3) Waiters, who needs them when guests can have their own "holographic virtual personal assistant" with a menu of caricatures you can choose from, one participant believes they could be available in a hotel near you in the future. Maybe this participant has been watching too much Star Trek, if so - they might like the look of this upcoming Star Trek theme park in Jordan

4) 'An underwater hotel with a view of the marine life from the windows", said one participant. Well we've already got underwater restaurants and there are already plans in the 'pipeline' for a semi-merged hotel in Qatar and an underwater hotel in the Philippines!

5) "It would be nice to see some pet-friendly hotels," said one participant. Welcome to the present, do hotel's get any pet friendlier than this one which is already open in Dubai? 

6) Hotel of the future should have iPads in every room, said one Apple fan. Well with the number of hotels launching iPad Apps maybe hotels will bring them in-room soon.

7) "The walls of the room would basically be an LED touchscreen that could be dimmed to convert to glass with the view," said one chap. This reminds me of the new Dreamliner aeroplane which has ditched slide-up window shutters for windows that black out at the touch of a button. 

8) "You can be virtually transported to a destination of your choice by selecting one from Jumeirah hotels' travel channel', says one dreamy participant. Well, perhaps there's no need for the new Dreamliner afterall if teleportation is the future of transportation. 

9) "Hotel in the Heavens - zero-gravity orbital hotel located on the moon. Wake up gazing out at terra firma in repose." Yes,  Russia has already thought of that one

10) "Each bedroom in the hotel of the future will have its own robot for cleaning and other services," said one participant. And it looks like Abu Dhabi will be getting in there early with the implementation of robot waiters

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