The shortlisted nominees for the Hotelier Middle East Awards Laundry Person of the Year are in.

The competition for the coveted award was stiff, but five candidates stood out from the crowd.

And the finalists are:

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Raj Kapoor Gangta, Assistant Laundry Manager, Renaissance Dubai Hotel
Raj serves as a good role model and inspiration for everyone due to his dedication to his work, his team and to guests coming a long way from his humble beginnings from a small village in Northern India and today as an exemplary leader due to his drive for continuous learning and constantly developing himself.

Babu Kuniyil Kumaran, Asst. Laundry Manager I/C of Laundry, Crowne Plaza Bahrain
Mr. Babu is considered as the “father” of most employees within or outside his own department because he has shown his genuine care to everyone and has helped most of them in their problems work-related or otherwise.

Mr. Ebrahim, Laundry Manager, Doha Marriott hotel
Not only does he federate his team behind him and make them feel they are part of one team that is united through tough conditions, but he leads them to excellence. Beyond excellence, he wants commitment and his way of doing so is to have a regular dialogue and make sure he knows what his team’s priorities and concerns are.

T Chandran Thanggaraja, Director of Laundry, Park Rotana Abu Dhabi
Mr. T Chandran Thanggaraja is a very talented, creative, innovative individual who is a good motivator and mentor that always go the extra mile to bring the best out of his staff.

Mohammed saidul Islam Belal, Laundry Manager, Intercontinental Hotel Riyadh
Saidul has demonstrated excellent managerial and decision making skills. He is attentive to tasks and works tirelessly to achieve the goals of the department. He is an extremely positive and dependable employee and performs his duties in an extremely timely and conscientious manner.