Roland Bunge and Mark Moss. Roland Bunge and Mark Moss.

Kanoo Travel has partnered with STA Travel in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to capitalise on the expanding student and youth travel market in the region.

Through this partnership, STA Travel aims to have a wider presence in the Middle East and will look to offer “exclusive products and competitive prices on airfares, hotels and holidays”.

General manager global partners STA Travel, Mark Moss said Kanoo Travel was “the market leader in the Middle East” and that the company was “very excited about this new partnership”.

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“We are confident will be a great success, delivering new products and travel opportunities to students and young people in the region,” Moss said.

Kanoo Travel’s commercial general manager Roland Bunge said: “We know that our Kanoo Travel offices in the region are already excited about this new venture and we are looking forward to providing a great service and value adds to the student and youth travel segment in the Middle East.”