PLA research manager Cesar Pereira. PLA research manager Cesar Pereira.

Some unusual new products including chocolate pills and fast-food scented candles could soon change the way the world's consumers perceive food — and perhaps make them healthier at the same time.

The innovative items were highlighted in a recent study of the world’s newest consumer goods, conducted by Product Launch Analytics (PLA), which aimed to predict consumer trends over coming months.

Spanish manufacturer Pancracio has launched ‘Chocolate Pills’, a product claiming to extend life expectancy and enhance energy levels.

Meanwhile the world of traditional household fragrances could change dramatically, if a fast food candle launched in the US takes off.

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Developed by American brand White Castle, the candle claims to smell of burger and onions, and aims to deliver a ‘fast food fix’ to the consumer without them having to pile on the pounds.

Cesar Pereira, research manager at PLA, commented: “The new innovations hitting the global market both in terms of packaging and formulation give consumers in the Middle East a glimpse of what’s to come.

“Looking at this month’s launches, the trend for functional products which satisfy more than one need is leading the way. Shoppers in our region should watch out for more of these sorts of products.”