Did you leave your dentures in an Aussie hotel room? Did you leave your dentures in an Aussie hotel room?

Two sheep, a motorcycle, an adult Spider Man costume, a cat and a wedding dress were just a few of the weird and wonderful items left at Australian hotels last year, according to a survey carried out by Aussie online agencies, LastMinute.com.au, Wotif.com and Travel.com.

However, they were relatively tame compared to some of the other items that were discovered.

“A hotel manager told me housekeeping went to clean the room and found a man hand-cuffed to the bed – they’d apparently had an argument and his partner had checked out without him,” said Travel.com.au spokeswoman Alana Theodore.

“One guest left a full set of dentures in box of KFC. Hotel cleaning staff had to sift through industrial bins to find them after guests called to have them returned.”

The survey also revealed that a surprising amount of adult toys were left in Australia’s hotel rooms. “That makes it quite awkward for guests to reclaim their property,” said LastMinute.com’s Mia Carter.

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Underwear is another popular item to leave behind, although there were reports of slightly odder losses: a prosthetic leg, a cat, a wedding dress and a deceased man were perhaps the most strange.

The most commonly left behind items were mobile phone chargers, toothbrushes, underwear and belts; but 67% of guests surveyed by Wotif.com said they had never left anything in a room.