Premium Swiss chocolates from Sprungli Middle East. Premium Swiss chocolates from Sprungli Middle East.

Sprüngli Middle East, a creator of premium-quality Swiss chocolate since 1836, is offering a premium selection of Iftar and Eid specialities in celebration of this year’s Holy Month of Ramadan.

A selection of specially-designed and handcrafted chocolates, almond-stuffed dates and other tasty specialities will be available as gifts for friends, relatives or corporate clients during Ramadan and Eid.

“Our focus is on providing unique personal and corporate gifts for any special occasion to the Middle East market,” said Sprüngli Middle East general manager Ester Crameri.

“All Sprüngli chocolates can be personalised to each customer’s specific requirements, from customised and elegant packaging to incorporating a specific company logo or even an individual’s name on the chocolate design itself,” explained Crameri.

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“We also cater to any size order, from one box of chocolates to large quantities.”

Confiserie Sprüngli, which is headquartered in Switzerland, established its Sprüngli Middle East branch in Dubai a little more than a year ago.

The company offers a selection of sweet treats, including pralines, truffles, fruit jellies and a variety of sweet pastries.