KSA hoteliers most expect to see a raise this year. KSA hoteliers most expect to see a raise this year.

Hotelier Middle East’s Salary Survey has revealed that workers in Saudi Arabia’s hospitality industry are the most optimistic about their financial prospects over the next year.

A huge 94% of respondents expect to see a rise of some description during the 12 months ahead, with 60.2% believing that the raise will be 10% or greater.

In fact, not a single survey participant working in KSA thinks they will face a pay freeze or a fall in their salary in the immediate future.

Kuwait-based hoteliers are also optimistic, with 50% of participants looking forward to a salary increase of 10% or greater, and a grand total of 83% certain that they will see some sort of rise this year.

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Results in the UAE and Bahrain were more polarized with 42.2% and 40% respectively expecting to see no change in their pay packets this year; however, at the other end of the spectrum, 29.8% and 39.3% respectively expect raises of 10% or more.

The message coming out of Oman was the least positive of all; almost half the Oman-based hotel employees who took part believe that they’re facing 12 months without a payrise.