Irish Village: is this your favourite bar in Dubai to watch sports in? Irish Village: is this your favourite bar in Dubai to watch sports in?

Dubai is a city obsessed with sports. When Dubayans aren’t toning in the gym, they're attending rugby 7s, horse and camel racing, polo, water sports or, shortly, motor sports.

And if they're not at any of these events, then they’re in the local watering holes watching the action unfold.

Here, in random order, is our list of the top ten places to enjoy watching the match.

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1. Irish Village, The Aviation Club

One of Dubai’s great drinking spots, the Irish Village is a favourite. A vibrant sporting atmosphere, especially during Ireland’s annual thrashing of the English in the Six Nations. The fact the pub is built into a tennis stadium somewhat adds to the sporting ambience.

2. Harry’s Place, Renaissance Dubai Hotel

With an abundance of big screen activity, the Renaissance Dubai Hotel’s flagship sports bar is a relaxing place to watch the football results trickle in on a Saturday afternoon. Pictures of dogs playing pool adorn the walls… what more could you ask for?

3.  Dhow and Anchor, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s Dhow and Anchor has a distinctly British flavour. It offers a great view from underneath the Burj Al Arab to distract from those dull nil-nils or any of England’s cricketing disasters.

4. Icon Bar and Lounge, Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City

Located in Dubai Media City, this stylish bar proves that not all sports joints should consist of beer-stained wooden bars and old men smoking pipe tobacco playing dominoes.

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5. Double Decker Pub, Al Murooj Rotana Hotel
Another English-themed pub, Double Decker Pub is perfectly located right opposite Dubai Mall for when you want to drop the wife off before kick-off. Be warned, this bar can get very busy.

6. Fibber Magee’s, (behind Saeed Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road)
This stand-alone venue offers customers an authentic taste of Ireland. The lack of windows only adds to the bustling atmosphere generated during big games.

7. Nelson’s, Media Rotana

Located in Barsha’s Media Rotana, stepping into this bar feels very much like stepping into ye olde Victorian times; of course, with the added exception of Premier League, IPL and Heineken Cup action on a selection of wide-screen TVs. 

8. Waxy O’Conner’s, Ascot Hotel

Love it or loathe it, Waxy’s is a Dubai institution. Dark, dingy and full-to-the-brim of drink offers — everything you need to drown those sorrows when your team faces relegation on the last day of the season.

9. Nezesaussi, Al Manzil Hotel

This southern hemisphere-inspired bar with an interesting name (an amalgamation of New Zealand, South Africa and Australia) is a fantastic place to watch the big matches. It also serves a mean steak to feed the Kiwi/Springbok/Wallaby-fuelled testosterone flying about.

10. Cricketer’s, Ramada Continental Hotel

With the cricket Twenty20 World Cup upon us, felt it important to include this gentlemen’s game hive; a comfortable bar, perfect for wasting away the days during this summer’s Ashes series.
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