Airbnb announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire hotel-booking service HotelTonight.


The acquisition comes shortly after the company launched Airbnb plus — a service that includes boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts — a little over a year.

This move, according to the hospitality service, is to make it “easier for people who use Airbnb to find last-minute places to stay when home hosts are often already booked.”

Speaking about this, Brian Chesky, Airbnb Co-Founder, CEO and Head of Community said, “Working with the team at HotelTonight, we will offer guests an unparalleled last-minute travel experience that provides unique, memorable hospitality on every trip, on any schedule, at any time.”

According to the press release, the HotelTonight app and website will continue to operate as they do today. Once the acquisition is complete, Sam Shank (ceo and co-founder of HotelTonight) will report to Greg Greeley, Airbnb’s President of Homes, and lead our boutique hotel category.

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